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Access_open De podcast als toets binnen rechtsgeleerdheid

Trefwoorden toetsing, podcast, rechtsgeleerdheid
Auteurs Willem Janssen en Dave van Toor

    This contribution describes a teaching pilot of the School of Law at Utrecht University, in which students had to record a podcast as a final assessment in two courses. This way of assessing students seems to have potential, because presenting without visual support is a skill that is rarely practiced and assessed, even though it belongs to the standard skill set of most lawyers. The authors position podcasting as a form of assessment within the literature on the subject. They also discuss how the podcast as a form of assessment fits into the idea of constructive alignment. Finally, they share their experiences and those of students.

Willem Janssen
Dr. Willem Janssen is an Associate Professor of European and Dutch public procurement law, School of Law, Utrecht University, and a podcast host at BESTEK – Public Procurement Central.

Dave van Toor
Dr. Dave van Toor is an Assistant Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law, School of Law, Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology, Utrecht University.