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ECJ 12 March 2020, case C-769/18) (Caisse d’assurance retraite and de la santé au travail d’Alsace-Moselle), Social insurance

Caisse d’assurance retraite et de la santé au travail d’Alsace-Moselle – v – SJ, Ministre chargé de la Sécurité sociale, French/German case

Trefwoorden Social insurance
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      The assistance for integration of mentally disabled children and young people, provided for in the German Social Code does not constitute a benefit within the meaning of Article 3 of Regulation 883/2004 and therefore falls outside its material scope. Morover, Article 5 precludes that the German provision at issue and the child-rearing allowance for a disabled child provided for in the French Social Security Code cannot be considered issues of an equivalent nature for the purpose of Article 5(a). The principle of equal treatment of facts enshrined in Article 5(b) applies, so that the French authorities must take into account similar facts occurring in Germany as though they had taken place on their own territory.

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