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ECJ 22 September 2022, case C-518/20 (Fraport), Paid leave

XP – v – Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, German case

Trefwoorden Paid leave, Juridisch, Arbeidsrecht, Europees recht (EU Recht)
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      Article 7 of Directive 2003/88/EC and Article 21(2) of the Charter preclude national legislation under which the entitlement to paid annual leave, acquired by a worker during the leave year in the course of which that worker actually worked before finding him or herself in a state of total invalidly or incapacity for work due to illness which has persisted since, may lapse, either at the end of a carry-over period authorised under national law, or even at a later stage, where the employer has not, in good time, enabled the worker to exercise that entitlement.

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