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Family & Law

Family & Law aims to further the exchange of knowledge and debate between theory and practice in the areas of Personal Status, Family and Youth Law in Belgium and the Netherlands. The forum meets a clear academic need to disseminate legal, comparative and multidisciplinary research freely through online publications. Family & Law follows a double blind peer review procedure and is the first open access forum in the area of Family and Law in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the first and only joint Belgian-Dutch Family Law forum. The forum is supported by national and international research centres in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as mutual partnerships. The editors, the Board of Advice and the permanent reviewers include leading academics from the Legal and Social Science disciplines in both countries.


Prof. dr. Masha Antokolskaia (Editor-in-chief), Prof. dr. Ingrid Boone, Prof. dr. Charlotte Declerck, Jacqueline Gray L.L.M., Dr. N. Ismaili (Managing Editor), Prof. mr. dr. Wilbert Kolkman, Charlotte Mol L.L.B., Prof. dr. Wendy Schrama, Prof. dr. Gerd Verschelden, Prof. dr. Leon Verstappen, en Mr. dr. Evelien van Wijk-Verhagen