Tijdschrift over Cultuur & Criminaliteit


Een genealogie van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar complottheorie├źn

Trefwoorden genealogy, conspiracy theories, Michel Foucault, Luc Boltanski
Auteurs Massimiliano Simons

Massimiliano Simons
Dr. Massimiliano Simons is universitair docent techniekfilosoof aan Maastricht Universiteit. Massimiliano.simons@maastrichtuniversity.nl
  • Samenvatting

      This article takes the scientific study of conspiracy theories itself as an object of inquiry. It looks at the three main frameworks to look at conspiracy theories: a psychological, epistemological and a sociological approach. These different approaches exist somewhat separately and often do not get along. The central claim that follows from a genealogy of these research programs is that the conflicts between these different approaches should be understood not merely as disagreements about how the world works, but as a fundamental disagreement about the underlying diagnosis of what is at stake in conspiracy theories. In other words, the conflicts stem in part from political differences, not merely empirical ones. The purpose of this article is to bring these different diagnoses back into dialogue with each other and to point out that despite their differences, they also have something in common: a concern about the state of contemporary democratic institutions. Depending on which project one subscribes to, conspiracy thinking will appear either as the cause or the solution of these democratic concerns.

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