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Annie de Roo

Case study: the international CSR conflict and mediation

Supply-chain responsibility: western customers and the Indian textile industry

Trefwoorden corporate social responsibility, international CSR conflicts, supply-chain responsibility, CSR
Auteurs Tineke Lambooy

    In 2008, Ruud Lubbers led a mediation process to resolve the conflicts which had arisen between two Dutch campaigning organisations, various Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and labour unions, two Dutch internet providers, an Indian clothing producer and a Dutch jeans brand. The mediation took place at the request of the disagreeing parties and the Dutch and Indian governments. The conflict related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards followed by the textile companies.In this contribution the effects of campaigning and litigating in issues concerning CSR will be examined. Limiting the analysis to CSR conflicts in the textile industry, the author will reflect on these new types of international conflicts in a globalising world and will share her view on appropriate ways to avoid them or, ultimately, to (re)mediate them if necessary.This contribution informs the reader about the events in India and the Netherlands which led to the escalation of the conflict. It provides an overview of the conflict resolution procedures and elaborates on the outcome of the ‘Lubbers Mediation’. The applicable legal and soft law labour standards are compared as well as the parties’ communication strategies. Lastly, this case is contrasted with other CSR conflicts in the textile industry, revealing a hidden conflict.

Tineke Lambooy
Tineke Lambooy is a Senior Researcher at Nyenrode Business University (Nyenrode) in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and she lectures in Legal Aspects of Globalisation-CSR, and Mergers & Acquisitions at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She is completing a PhD on the Legal Aspects of CSR. Ms Lambooy assisted Mr Lubbers as a mediator in the conflict discussed in this contribution. E-mail: T.Lambooy@nyenrode.nl or T.E.Lambooy@uu.nl.

Enkele aspecten van bemiddeling in conflicten met een multiculturele component

Trefwoorden multiculturele samenleving, mediation en multiculturaliteit, multiculturele bemiddelaar
Auteurs Marco Dubois

    In this contribution some aspects of the pluralistic society and its impact on mediation are discussed. For that purpose, first the focus is in on what is generally understood by ‘culture’ and ‘conflict’, followed by a description of communication problems that might arise in (mediation)situations with a particular cultural dimension. Next the question is posed to what extent a mediator should be susceptible for cultural dimensions in conflicts to perform his job well. And if he is prepared to do so, what pitfalls and challenges he should be prepared for?

Marco Dubois
Marco Dubois is oprichter van MADbuzz, mede-oprichter bij PMR Europe, oud-advocaat bij Paul D. Sher & Associates en bij CSG Law & Associates. Hij is coach, consultant en trainer in bemiddeling, beredeneerde onderhandeling, conflict preventie, leadership en interculturele bemiddelingen en onderhandelingen. E-mail: marco.dubois@madbuzz.com.

Recente ADR-ontwikkelingen in Duitsland, Finland en Rusland


Trefwoorden mediation in Duitsland, mediation in Rusland, mediation in Finland
Auteurs Thabiso van den Bosch

    In September 2008 a new clause on expedited proceedings was added to the arbitration rules of the German Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (German Institution of Arbitration). The inclusion of the new clause is a response to the (general) criticism regarding the length of some arbitral proceedings in recent years.In Finland mediation is inter alia offered by members of the bar associaton. This practice of mediation is briefly discussed together with some highlights of the Finnish court-annexed mediation programme, which is based on the Act on court-annexed mediation of 1 January 2006.In Russia the working group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry drafted the Law on Mediation (referred to as Draft Law). The Draft Law is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International and Commercial Conciliation of 2002 and was submitted to the state Parliament on 12 December 2006. As yet, there is no statutory mediation in place.

Thabiso van den Bosch

The 2008 Supplementary Rules of the German Institution of Arbitration for Expedited Proceedings

A modern German perspective

Trefwoorden mediation in Duitsland
Auteurs Prof. dr. Gerhard Wegen

Prof. dr. Gerhard Wegen
Gerhard Wegen is Partner at Gleiss Lutz; Honorary Professor of Law, University of Tübingen.

Recent developments of mediation in Finland

Trefwoorden mediation in Finland
Auteurs Antti Heikinheimo

Antti Heikinheimo
Antti Heikinheimo is a Partner with the Dispute Resolution Practice of Hannes Snellman Attorneys (Helsinki). Antti can be contacted at antti.heikinheimo@hannessnellman.com.

Recent developments in Russian mediation

Trefwoorden mediation in Rusland
Auteurs Roman Zykov

Roman Zykov
Roman Zykov, LL.M, PhD, is a Senior Associate with the International Arbitration Practice of Hannes Snellman Attorneys (Moscow/Helsinki). Roman can be contacted at roman.zykov@hannessnellman.com.

    From 15 to 18 April 2009 the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association organized its 11th ADR conference. The title of the conference was ‘ADR: Building Bridges to a better Society’. There was a wide array of workshops (50 in total) out of which the participants could choose, such as ‘Yes! Corporate America still uses ADR’, ‘Access to ADR for people with disabilities’, ‘ADR ethics from A to Z’, ‘Arbitrator and mediator liability’, ‘How much confidentiality in mediation enough?’, ‘Integrating ADR, families and social service systems’, ‘School mediation misses the mark’, ‘War, negotiation and leadership: lessons for mediators’. In addition to the workshops the participants could attend the ‘Annual Symposium on ADR in the Courts’ and the ‘Legal Educators Colloquium’. The participants – fortunately! – were provided with a CD-ROM with on it all the conference information and papers.

Rob Jagtenberg
Dr. Rob Jagtenberg verricht vergelijkend onderzoek naar mediation en conflictmanagement in Europa en was rapporteur-generaal bij de Raad van Europa over het onderwerp mediation.