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Aflevering 1, 2010 Alle samenvattingen uitklappen

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is hoofdredacteur TMD.

Zakelijk conflictmanagement in breed perspectief

Eisen en prikkels vanuit risicomanagement, kostenbeheersing, actualiteiten ADR/EDR en het juridisch kader

Trefwoorden risk management, cost control, ADR/EDR, legal context
Auteurs Ellen van Beukering

    In this contribution an overview is given of the most recent developments with regard to commercial dispute management and its legal context, in particular in the Netherlands. Firstly, a focus is put on the importance of integral conflict management on the basis of ADR/EDR from the perspective of risk management and cost control. Secondly, recent developments with regard to effective dispute resolution, in particular in government policy, ADR/EDR and in the legal context are discussed. The judicial and the extrajudicial system offer conflict parties various possibilities to effective and efficient dispute resolution. Further, special attention is paid to mediation clauses in commercial contracts. With regard to the European Directive of 21 May 2008 on mediation in civil and commercial matters, Directive 2008/52/EC, its consequences to the Dutch legal system and its importance for commercial dispute resolution management are discussed.

Ellen van Beukering
Ellen van Beukering is docent, adviseur, auteur en redacteur van dit tijdschrift. E-mail:

Analyse van de Belgische bemiddelingswet in het licht van de Europese richtlijn inzake bemiddeling

Trefwoorden mediation, European Directive, Belgian law, analysis
Auteurs Herman Verbist

    This contribution examines the European Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters and deals with the question whether the Belgian law on mediation, namely Articles 1724 to 1737 of the Belgian Judicial Code, as introduced into the Belgian law in 2005, need to be amended in the light of the Directive. It concludes that in some aspects the Belgian law ought to be improved so to implement some provisions of the Directive not yet dealt with in the law of 2005. It recommends to include in the Belgian law a definition on mediation, and also to stipulate which Belgian institution in particular shall provide the requested information on mediation and communicate with the European authorities. The contribution also suggests to consider introducing into the Belgian law a mechanism to promote mediation through incentives and/or sanctions, for which the measures recently adopted in the English legal system might possibly serve as an example.

Herman Verbist
Herman Verbist is advocaat bij de balie te Gent en Brussel, gastprofessor Universiteit Gent en Erkend Bemiddelaar.

Case study: the international CSR conflict and Mediation Supply-chain responsibility – the article revisited one year later

Trefwoorden corporate social responsibility, international CSR conflicts, supply-chain responsibility, CSR
Auteurs Sjef Stoop, Ineke Zeldenrust, Gerard Oonk e.a.

    In TMD 2009-2 the article ‘Case study: the international CSR conflict and mediation. Supply-chain responsibility: western customers and the Indian textile industry’ was published. In this article, Tineke Lambooy describes the ins and outs of the multiparty dispute between G-Star, in origin a Dutch company, the Indian-Italian Fibres & Fabrics, the employees of Fibre & Fabrics International, the governments involved and a number of non-governmental organisations striving for good labour relations and labour conditions. Lambooy’s article resulted in four reactions that are published in this article.

Sjef Stoop
Sjef Stoop is trainer-consultant European Works Councils, FNV Formaat. Van 2003 tot 2007 was hij International Verification Coordinator van de Fairwear Foundation.

Ineke Zeldenrust
Ineke Zeldenrust is werkzaam bij Schone Kleren Campagne.

Gerard Oonk
Gerard Oonk is directeur Landelijke India Werkgroep.

Frans Evers
Frans Evers is voorzitter Nationaal Contactpunt voor de toepassing van de OESO-richtlijnen multinationale ondernemingen.

Lawrence Susskind
Lawrence Susskind is Ford Professor of Urban Studies and Planning aan het Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ook is hij vice chair, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Tineke Lambooy
Tineke Lambooy is a Senior Researcher at Nyenrode Business University (Nyenrode) in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and she lectures in Legal Aspects of Globalisation-CSR, and Mergers & Acquisitions at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She is completing a PhD on the Legal Aspects of CSR. Ms Lambooy assisted Mr Lubbers as a mediator in the conflict discussed in this contribution. E-mail: or

Ruud Lubbers
Ruud Lubbers is mediator and inter alia former Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

Advocaten en verwijzing naar mediation: hun opvattingen en ervaringen

Auteurs Lia Combrink-Kuiters, Harold Dellink en Jacques de Waart

    December 2008 over 2.000 lawyers were asked by an online questionnaire about their view on referral to mediation. The referral provision to mediation is well-known amongst lawyers; over 90% of the lawyers are acquainted with it. A majority of these lawyers sees court referral to mediation as a valuable supplement in general within the traditional court procedure. Some of them, however, see it as a valuable supplement in certain kinds of cases.There appears to be a correlation between experience with and attitude towards mediation: a lawyer who has gained more experience with mediation, for example by attending one or more mediation sessions, has a more positive view and as a result in the future he will recommend mediation to his client more often.In family law cases, a lawyer’s advice to use mediation as a tool to solve a conflict, is more often accepted by a client, then it is in commercial cases. Lawyers would like to see some improvement in the timing of the mediation proposal by the court. Sometimes a proposal comes too early, sometimes it comes too late.The cooperation between lawyers and mediators is assessed positively by 90% of the lawyers. However, lawyers who do not attend one or more mediation sessions would like to receive more information about the progress. On the other hand, lawyers are satisfied about the information exchange with their clients during the mediation process.

Lia Combrink-Kuiters
Mr. dr. Lia Combrink-Kuiters was tot 1 januari 2010 werkzaam bij Landelijk Bureau Mediation naast Rechtspraak als adviseur Monitoring en evaluatie. Daarnaast vanaf 2004 onderzoeker bij de Raad voor Rechtsbijstand in Utrecht.

Harold Dellink
Harold Dellink werkte als onderzoeksmedewerker bij het Landelijk Bureau Mediation naast Rechtspraak in Arnhem. Sinds 1 december 2009 is hij beleidsmedewerker bij de Raad voor de rechtspraak in Den Haag.

Jacques de Waart
Mr. Jacques de Waart is zelfstandig gevestigd mediator, advocaat en trainer. Hij is auteur van o.a. Groepsmediation, dynamiek, procesontwerp en werkvormen. Hij is trainer voor o.a. CVC en Amsterdams ADR-instituut. Ook is hij voorzitter van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Mediation-Advocaten.

Mediation via het Juridisch Loket

Trefwoorden Legal Service Counter, negotiation, intervention
Auteurs Vivian Schrijber-Leloux

    The Legal Service Counter is an independent foundation providing free legal information and advice to Dutch citizens. When a client approaches the Legal Service Counter about a conflict with another party, it will inform the client about mediation. If the client is interested in mediation, three important issues will be discussed: 1. What is the status of the conflict? Has it already escalated or are the parties still on speaking terms? 2. Is negotiation possible and is the client prepared to negotiate? 3. What are the interests of both parties? If, after discussing these issues, the client is still interested in solving his conflict through mediation, the Legal Service Counter will contact the other party to discuss the situation from his point of view. When both parties agree to mediation, the Legal Service Counter will assist them in selecting a mediator. However, the intervention of the Legal Service Office as such sometimes already may suffice to improve the communication between and the ability of parties to solve their problems themselves.

Vivian Schrijber-Leloux
Vivian Schrijber-Leloux is projectleider Juridisch Loket te Utrecht.

Eindopdracht ‘Mediation in zakelijke geschillen’ – Wijzer in conflictmanagement

Trefwoorden effective dispute resolution, internal conflicts, managers, conflict methods
Auteurs Esther van der Drift, Laura Franssen, Lisette Moerdijk e.a.

    Research shows that many companies are unfamiliar with Effective Dispute Resolution (EDR) methods. Increasingly however managers wish to effectively solve disputes. This has resulted in the development of a simple tool for managers. Our conflict resolution chart is based on a literature study of factors proven to play a role in the choice for a particular dispute resolution method. The conflict resolution chart was refined based on the answers of ten managers to a questionnaire about the developed tool. The manager can use the chart as a first indicator of what course of actions with regard to the conflict he has to take.

Esther van der Drift
Esther van der Drift is bachelor informatiekunde.

Laura Franssen
Laura Franssen is bachelor rechtsgeleerdheid.

Lisette Moerdijk
Lisette Moerdijk is bachelor algemene sociale wetenschappen.

Silke Praagman
Silke Praagman is studente togamaster.

CEPINA lanceert nieuw mediatiereglement voor de ICT-sector

Trefwoorden CEPINA, IT-mediation rules
Auteurs Guy Keugten

    Since 1 January 2010 the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation has special rules for mediation in IT disputes. Flexibility and fastness are central to these rules.

Guy Keugten
Guy Keugten is voorzitter van CEPINA.

Colloquium Konfliktmanagement III

Trefwoorden Conflictmanagement, inhouse systems
Auteurs Luc Demeyere

    On 19-20 November 2009 the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg (Germany) in cooperation with the Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder) held its third bi-annual colloquium on conflictmanagement. The subtitle ‘From the components to a system’ announced that a number of in-house developed systems on conflictmanagement would be presented. Presentations were held by in-house counsel of E.ON, SAP, Bombardier and Deutsche Bahn. In 2007 a number of large German companies founded the ‘Round Table Mediation and Conflictmanagement of the German Industry’. The colloquium demonstrated that important thought-efforts in the design of more value-adding systems resulted in intelligent schemes.

Luc Demeyere
Luc Demeyere is advocaat bij de balie te Antwerpen.