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Families, bedrijven en consumenten

Auteurs Rob Jagtenberg

Rob Jagtenberg


Dr. Theo Compernolle: out-of-the-box coach en bemiddelaar

Trefwoorden Coaching, executive teams, work-related stress, family business
Auteurs Rob Jagtenberg

    Educated as a psychiatrist, Dr. Compernolle first became one of the world’s leading experts in work-related stress. From there, he developed into a coach of executive teams, frequently engaged by large multinational companies. Mr. Compernolle discusses the differences between coaching and mediation, and shares some of his techniques for changing communication dynamics within teams. His special interest concerns family businesses, where emotions easily surface, and where problems need to be solved swiftly, to avert irreparable damage to family relations. Mr. Compernolle concludes the interview discussing some observations from his latest book: BrainChains.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg is docent aan de Erasmus Universiteit te Rotterdam en verricht aldaar vergelijkend onderzoek naar mediation en conflictmanagement in Europa. Tevens is hij redacteur van TMD.

Conflictmanagement binnen bedrijven in zwaar weer

De mediërende rol van turnaround managers bij het motiveren van werknemers in een reorganisatie onder druk

Trefwoorden Turnaround Management, Financial Distress, employee, motivation
Auteurs Janneke Vissers, Jan Adriaanse en Jean-Pierre van der Rest

    Employee resistance to change is a key factor to turnaround failure. Interim managers who support companies in financial distress, mediate between employees, management, shareholders, bank, and other stakeholders in order to solve organisational conflicts. This article explores the internal social dynamic aspects of a turnaround. It develops a theoretical framework on the role of trust, emotion and communication, and its affect on reducing internal resistance, and describes the outcomes of an exploratory research study. Findings confirm that employee motivation to make a reorganisation a success significantly impacts upon turnaround success. Resistance can be reduced by an open communication climate, offering a new perspective, attention to emotions, managing by walking around, and ‘practicing what you preach’. More research is necessary to generalize the findings and to better understand success and failure factors.

Janneke Vissers
Janneke Vissers volgde een minor Bedrijfswetenschappen bij de Afdeling Bedrijfswetenschappen – Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid – tijdens haar studie Psychologie aan de Universiteit Leiden. Onlangs ontving zij van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam een Master degree in Bedrijfswetenschappen.

Jan Adriaanse
Jan Adriaanse is hoogleraar Turnaround Management, geeft leiding aan de Afdeling Bedrijfswetenschappen – Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid – Universiteit Leiden en is oprichter en directeur van Turnaround Powerhouse® te Rotterdam.

Jean-Pierre van der Rest
Jean-Pierre van der Rest is Visiting Research Scholar bij de Afdeling Bedrijfswetenschappen – Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid – Universiteit Leiden, en directeur Onderzoek en lector bij Hotelschool Den Haag.

Online ADR in Europa en België: a new frontier

Trefwoorden Europe, consumer, ADR, ODR
Auteurs Stefaan Voet

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) are on the rise in Europe and different Member States. In May 2013, the European Parliament and Council adopted an ADR Directive (n 2013/11) and ODR Regulation (n 524/2013) that will bring major changes in the European and national ADR landscapes. Both instruments are analyzed in this article. On the other hand, attention is also paid to the Belgian ODR-platform Belmed, that was created in 2011 and facilitates Belgian consumers to make an online ADR application. Finally, a plea is made for the exchange of data between ODR-platforms and national regulators, as a means to detect mass cases.

Stefaan Voet
Stefaan Voet is doctor-assistent aan de Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid aan de Universiteit Gent en advocaat bij de balie Brugge.

Herman Verbist
Herman Verbist is advocaat bij de balies te Gent en te Brussel, werkzaam bij Everest Advocaten, erkend bemiddelaar en redacteur van dit tijdschrift.

Johan Weerkamp
Johan Weerkamp is NMI Registermediator en gespecialiseerd in familiebedrijven in land- en tuinbouw en gebruik van ruimte in het landelijk gebied.