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Access_open Access and Reuse of Machine-Generated Data for Scientific Research

Tijdschrift Erasmus Law Review, Aflevering 2 2019
Trefwoorden machine-generated data, Internet of Things, scientific research, personal data, GDPR
Auteurs Alexandra Giannopoulou

    Data driven innovation holds the potential in transforming current business and knowledge discovery models. For this reason, data sharing has become one of the central points of interest for the European Commission towards the creation of a Digital Single Market. The value of automatically generated data, which are collected by Internet-connected objects (IoT), is increasing: from smart houses to wearables, machine-generated data hold significant potential for growth, learning, and problem solving. Facilitating researchers in order to provide access to these types of data implies not only the articulation of existing legal obstacles and of proposed legal solutions but also the understanding of the incentives that motivate the sharing of the data in question. What are the legal tools that researchers can use to gain access and reuse rights in the context of their research?

Alexandra Giannopoulou
Institute for Information Law (IViR) – University of Amsterdam.

Access_open Modern Intellectual Property Governance and Openness in Europe: A Long and Winding Road?

Tijdschrift Erasmus Law Review, Aflevering 2 2019
Trefwoorden Intellectual Property, governance, data sharing
Auteurs Nikos Koutras

    In the last decade a trend towards more ‘openness’ in terms of collaborations and access to knowledge has been observed in many different sectors and contexts. Along the spectrum of openness one can find many different varieties, such as open innovation, co-creation, open science (combined with open access and open data) and open source. Even traditionally rather ‘closed’ actors, such as publishing houses and the pharmaceutical industry, are gradually catching up and are trying to develop mechanisms to cope with this trend towards openness. Both public and private actors encounter challenges in combining this trend towards openness with the management of intellectual property rights (IPRs). Although a strong willingness may exist to collaborate, open up and share knowledge and data, IPRs often create boundaries and limitations towards cutting-edge collaborations and initiatives for openness and sharing. Over time, companies, universities, public research organisations, etc. have developed certain models to allow for openness while safeguarding ways to protect their IPRs. Yet the legal framework is often lagging behind and does not appear to reflect the socio-economic trend towards openness; in many jurisdictions, changes to IP legislation have rather focused on strengthening of the rights of IP owners. But this is not necessarily a problem as stakeholders tend to find workarounds in their day-to-day practice. This special issue aims to further the discussion about modern governance of IPRs in Europe and to explore different perspectives on how openness could be operationalised within the context of IP protection.

Nikos Koutras
Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp.

Access_open Text and Data Mining in the EU ‘Acquis Communautaire’ Tinkering with TDM & Digital Legal Deposit

Tijdschrift Erasmus Law Review, Aflevering 2 2019
Trefwoorden Web harvesting, data analysis, text & data mining, TDM, computational text
Auteurs Maria Bottis, Marinos Papadopoulos, Christos Zampakolas e.a.

    Text and Data Mining (hereinafter, TDM) issue for the purpose of scientific research or for any other purpose which is included in the provisions of the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (hereinafter, DSM). TDM is a term that includes Web harvesting and Web Archiving activities. Web harvesting and archiving pertains to the processes of collecting from the web and archiving of works that reside on the Web. In the following analysis we will elaborate briefly upon provisions in EU Copyright law which were discussed during the proposal for a new Directive on Copyright in the DSM as well as provisions which are included in the text of art.3 and art.4 of the new Directive 2019/790/EU per TDM. In addition, the following analysis presents legislation in very few EU Member States which pertains to TDM and preceded the rulings of Directive 2019/790/EU. Digital legal deposit remarkable examples from EU Member States are also presented in this paper. The example of Australia is also presented below hereto because it is one of the oldest and most successful worldwide. The National Library of Australia’s digital legal deposit is state-of-the-art.

Maria Bottis
Associate Professor, Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece.

Marinos Papadopoulos
Attorney-at-Law, PhD, MSc, JD, Independent Researcher, Athens, Greece.

Christos Zampakolas
Archivist/Librarian, PhD, MA, BA, Independent Researcher, Ioannina, Greece.

Paraskevi Ganatsiou
Educator, MA, BA, Coordinator of Educational Projects in the Prefecture of Ionian Islands, Corfu, Greece.

    This article relies on the premise that to understand the significance of Open Access Repositories (OARs) it is necessary to know the context of the debate. Therefore, it is necessary to trace the historical development of the concept of copyright as a property right. The continued relevance of the rationales for copyright interests, both philosophical and pragmatic, will be assessed against the contemporary times of digital publishing. It follows then discussion about the rise of Open Access (OA) practice and its impact on conventional publishing methods. The present article argues about the proper equilibrium between self-interest and social good. In other words, there is a need to find a tool in order to balance individuals’ interests and common will. Therefore, there is examination of the concept of property that interrelates justice (Plato), private ownership (Aristotle), labour (Locke), growth of personality (Hegel) and a bundle of rights that constitute legal relations (Hohfeld). This examination sets the context for the argument.

Nikos Koutras
Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp.

Een goed begin is het halve werk

Hoe kunnen we de behandeling en afwikkeling van kindschades samen verder verbeteren

Tijdschrift Afwikkeling Personenschade, Aflevering 3 2019
Trefwoorden Kindschades, Zorgschade, Aansprakelijkheid, Klachtenfunctionaris, Schaderegeling
Auteurs Mr. J.G. Vos

    Als schaderegelaar word je regelmatig geconfronteerd met complexe schades van jonge kinderen. Gedurende een lange looptijd werken veel partijen met, naast maar ook langs elkaar. Met dit artikel hoop ik enkele praktische tips te geven voor een betere aanpak van deze schades, voor alle betrokken partijen.

Mr. J.G. Vos
Mevr. mr. J.G. Vos is personenschade- en aansprakelijkheidsdeskundige bij Andriessen Expertise.

Niet-aangeboren hersenletsel bij kinderen en jongeren, de gevolgen voor het onderwijs

Tijdschrift Afwikkeling Personenschade, Aflevering 3 2019
Trefwoorden NAH, niet aangeboren hersenletsel, kinderen en jongeren, onderwijs
Auteurs C.M.C.M. Hendriks

    Langetermijngevolgen van niet-aangeboren hersenletsel (NAH) op de kinderleeftijd zijn divers en complex. Vroege signalering en tijdige interventie kunnen de nadelige gevolgen voor het onderwijs aan deze kinderen en jongeren beperken.

C.M.C.M. Hendriks
C.M.C.M. (Carla) Hendriks is GZ-psycholoog en neuropsycholoog en werkzaam in Heliomare, NAH-polikliniek voor kinderen en jongeren en de NAH-observatiegroep in Heemskerk.

Access_open Mens durf te reeg’len!

Behandeling en afwikkeling van kindschades in medische aansprakelijkheidsdossiers: zo kan het ook

Tijdschrift Afwikkeling Personenschade, Aflevering 3 2019
Trefwoorden Kindschades, Medische aansprakelijkheid, Herstelrecht, Mediation, Geschilbeslechting
Auteurs Mr. C.E. Jeekel

Mr. C.E. Jeekel
Mr. C.E. (Corinne) Jeekel is advocaat bij Ace Letselschade Advocaten in Zwolle.

Jeugdprofessionals in de letselschade

Tijdschrift Afwikkeling Personenschade, Aflevering 3 2019
Trefwoorden Jeugdprofessionals, Kinderen en gezinnen, Ontzorgen, Begeleiding, Herstelgerichte dienstverlening
Auteurs Sophie Ouwehand en Kim Kraal

    De jeugdprofessional in de letselschade biedt begeleiding aan kinderen en ouders die direct of indirect betrokken zijn bij een ongeval. Het doel van de begeleiding is om kinderen te helpen en om de balans binnen een gezin te herstellen.

Sophie Ouwehand
Sophie Ouwehand is jeugdprofessional in de letselschade.

Kim Kraal
Kim Kraal is jeugdprofessional in de letselschade.

Access_open Assurance oblige!

Tijdschrift Afwikkeling Personenschade, Aflevering 3 2019
Trefwoorden Personenschade, X – Y = Schade, Kinderen, Zorgschade, Herstelgericht schaderegelen
Auteurs Mr. J.M. Tromp

    Als jonge kinderen ernstig en blijvend letsel oplopen, lijdt het hele gezin schade. Herstelgericht schaderegelen is dan aan de orde. Daar ligt een taak voor verzekeraars, met name ten aanzien van de zorgschade. Een voorbeeld zal worden uitgewerkt. Praktische problemen genoeg. Een nieuw dilemma dient zich aan: regelen of openhouden?

Mr. J.M. Tromp
Mr. J.M. (Maarten) Tromp is advocaat en mediator te Rotterdam, rechter-plaatsvervanger bij de Rechtbank Noord-Nederland en docent overlijdensschade in de Specialisatieopleiding Personenschade aan de Grotius Academie. Hij publiceert regelmatig over onderwerpen op het terrein van de personenschade.

Terugblik op training mediabewustzijn

Tijdschrift De Gerechtsdeurwaarder, Aflevering 3 2019
Auteurs Hans Ruis en Petronella Stockmann

Hans Ruis
Van Arkel Gerechtsdeurwaarders

Petronella Stockmann

Patricia van Oosterhout
Manager Debiteurenbeheer bij CZ


Tijdschrift De Gerechtsdeurwaarder, Aflevering 3 2019
Auteurs Paul Otter

Paul Otter

Joop Tomp

Bettie Keulen
Haag Wonen

Henk van der Klooster
Extreme Tackle

Jacco Vonhof
Voorzitter van MKB-Nederland

Lisa Voskuilen

Herman Peeters
Herman Peeters is penningmeester bij het Verbond van Credit Management Bedrijven (VCMB).

Wilbert van de Donk
Voorzitter KBvG
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