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OpenRecht pionier van openbare juridische content

Tijdschrift Advocatenblad, Aflevering 8 2018
Auteurs Sabine Droogleever Fortuyn

Sabine Droogleever Fortuyn

Access_open Wetenschap en praktijk in RegelMaat

Beoordelingsmaatstaven voor publicaties

Tijdschrift RegelMaat, Aflevering 5 2017
Auteurs Prof. mr. F.J. van Ommeren

Prof. mr. F.J. van Ommeren
Prof. mr. F.J. (Frank) van Ommeren is hoogleraar staats- en bestuursrecht aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en redacteur van RegelMaat.

    The comparative discussions held during this seminar show that the different jurisdictions make use of – approximately – the same ingredients for their legislation on adult guardianship measures and continuing powers of attorney. Given the common international framework (for example the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and given the common societal context (cfr. the strong increase of the ageing population) this may not come as a surprise. Despite these common ingredients, the different jurisdictions have managed to arrive at different dishes spiced with specific local flavours. Given that each jurisdiction bears its own history and specific policy plans, this may not come as a surprise either. The adage ‘same same but different’ is in this respect a suitable bromide.
    For my own research, the several invitations – that implicitly or explicitly arose from the different discussions – to rethink important concepts or assumptions were of most relevance and importance. A particular example that comes to mind is the suggestion to ‘reverse the jurisprudence’ and to take persons with disabilities instead of healthy adult persons as a point of reference. Also, the invitation to rethink the relationship between the limitation of capacity and the attribution of a guard comes to mind as the juxtaposition of the different jurisdictions showed that these two aspects don’t need to be automatically combined. Also the discussion on the interference between the continuing powers of attorney and the supervision by the court, provoked further reflection on hybrid forms of protection on my part. Finally, the ethical and medical-legal approaches may lead to a reconsideration of the traditional underlying concepts of autonomy and the assessment of capacity.

Veerle Vanderhulst Ph.D.
Veerle Vanderhulst works at the Faculty of Law and Criminology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Access_open Jacqueline de Savornin Lohman

Ouwer-power in de strafrechtshervorming

Tijdschrift Tijdschrift over Cultuur & Criminaliteit, Aflevering 3 2016
Trefwoorden penal reform, restorative justice, victim support, feminism, criminal justice politics
Auteurs prof. dr. René van Swaaningen

    Jacqueline de Savornin Lohman is a ‘positive criminologist’ avant la lettre. In this interview, she tells about her belief in personal people’s willingness and ability to deal with problems (such as the reception of refugees), the discouraging role of government in this respect, her internment in a Japanese camp in the Netherlands’ Indies during WW II, the persons who have inspired her most (e.g. Louk Hulsman) and her initial disbelief in the idea of a ‘glass ceiling’ for women in a male-dominated academia. She would, however, be confronted with some stunning examples of everyday sexism – such as reactions that she did not need a tenured position at the university, because she does not have to maintain a family. Being active in the women’s movement, also led her to engage in critical victimological studies – mainly on sexual violence. The main part of the interview deals with the practical consequences she has drawn from her critical action-theory on criminal justice ‘Allowed evil?’ (Kwaad dat mag?) from 1975, such as her role in the establishment of the Dutch liberal democrat party D’66, her involvement in the Coornhert League for Penal Reform, her attempts to establish a platform for various practical, critical social work initiatives in the penal field and indeed the establishment of one of the first mediation projects in the Netherlands – which she saw boycotted by the Ministry of Justice, that, in the late 1980s, instrumentalised the victim’s voice for a stiffening of the penal system.

prof. dr. René van Swaaningen
Prof. dr. René van Swaaningen is werkzaam als hoogleraar Criminologie aan de Erasmus Universiteit, Erasmus School of Law, sectie Criminologie.

Over de vraag naar de kwaliteit van de bemiddelaar

Tijdschrift Tijdschrift voor Herstelrecht, Aflevering 3 2016
Trefwoorden Bemiddelaar, kwaliteit, Rechtskarakter herstelrecht, Strafrechtspleging
Auteurs Leo Van Garsse

    Some believe that the credibility of restorative justice can be increased if more attention is given to the quality of the mediator, as well as methods to select people with the right profile or by training. At first glance this seems a legitimate aim: mediation services should offer quality. Reflecting on practical experience and research into mediation between offenders and victims in Flanders, the author problematizes these assumptions. The quest for tangible quality to ensure ‘credibility’ refers to a neo-liberal approach aimed at reducing risks and promoting the client’s satisfaction. In this article the author confronts the apolitical approach of client satisfaction with alternative ideas about (restorative) justice. Ideally, the mediator is critical of established (legal) authorities and professional expertise. Mediation is political in nature, even if the mediator relies on neutrality. The mediator must be aware of his – inevitable – political stance and should be ready to be interrogated on this matter.

Leo Van Garsse
Leo Van Garsse is oud-herstelbemiddelaar en momenteel werkzaam bij het vicariaat Mechelen – Vlaams Brabant als stafmedewerker voor territoriale pastoraal.

Wereldbeelden en weerbaarheid van Turks-Nederlandse jongeren

De twee gezichten van een sterke interne gerichtheid

Tijdschrift Justitiële verkenningen, Aflevering 2 2016
Trefwoorden radicalization, Turkish-Dutch migrants, social exclusion, Islamic State, resilience
Auteurs Dr. mr. F. Geelhoed en Prof. dr. R.H.J.M. Staring

    Many of the common academic explanations for radicalization and extremism are present among Turkish-Dutch youngsters. Based on qualitative research among 150 youngsters with a Turkish background, the authors describe how these youngsters are catching up with their disadvantaged socioeconomic position in the areas of education and labor. These Muslim youngsters feel that they and Islam are increasingly met with distrust and exclusion in mainstream society. In the sociocultural domain of incorporation, Turkish-Dutch youngsters are very diverse, but within this diversity focussed on their own ethnic group. Although these characteristics as deprivation, exclusion and strong internal orientation are commonly used as risks for radicalization, these Turkish-Dutch youngsters seem not to be attracted to Islamic radicalism nor extremism. The authors explain this through the opportunities for political participation within their communities and the specific Turkish secular Islam that offers room for a more individualized religious interpretation. In addition the strong internal focus of these youngsters and the solidity of the Turkish communities create strain between different Turkish religious or political groups, but also offer them a very strong, positive identity and feelings of belonging.

Dr. mr. F. Geelhoed
Dr. mr. Fiore Geelhoed is universitair docent bij de Afdeling Strafrecht en Criminologie aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Prof. dr. R.H.J.M. Staring
Prof. dr. Richard Staring is bijzonder hoogleraar mobiliteit, toezicht en criminaliteit aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Een korte geschiedenis van Contracteren, tijdschrift voor de contractspraktijk

Tijdschrift Contracteren, Aflevering 5 2011
Trefwoorden Contracteren, markt doorgronden, Boom Juridische uitgevers
Auteurs Mr. W.J. Soetenhorst

    Wirt Soetenhorst verhaalt ons van het prille begin en het snelle succes van wat het eerste eigen tijdschrift van Boom Juridische uitgevers was. Lezenswaardige kost, voor wie nog even terugwil naar de bron, waar Grosheide heeft laten zien dat hij niet alleen een vooruitstrevend jurist is maar evengoed een jurist die de markt als geen ander kan doorgronden.

Mr. W.J. Soetenhorst
Wirt Soetenhorst is uitgever bij Boom Juridische uitgevers en directeur van Boom uitgevers Den Haag.


Tijdschrift Contracteren, Aflevering 5 2011
Auteurs Mr. C.E. Drion

    In een redactioneel geeft de redactie een toelichting op het tijdschriftnummer in kwestie.

Mr. C.E. Drion
Coen Drion is raadsheer in de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden en redacteur van dit tijdschrift.

De strafrechtelijke maatregel van terbeschikkingstelling

‘Schon der blosse Wille erhebt den Menschen ober die Tierheit; der moralische erhebt ihn zur Gottheit’ Friedrich Schiller (aus: Uber Armut und Wurde)

Tijdschrift Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsrecht, Aflevering 7 1995
Auteurs Prof. mr C. Kelk

Prof. mr C. Kelk

Mr. drs. Aart Hendriks

Rechter en reclassering als ketenpartners

Tijdschrift Justitiële verkenningen, Aflevering 06 2007
Trefwoorden Reclassering, Ministerie van justitie, Recidive, Bijzondere voorwaarde, Kwaliteit, Tussenkomst, Delinquent, Stichting, Toezicht, Aanbeveling
Auteurs Vliet, J.A. van

Vliet, J.A. van

P. Bos

Nieuw in evenwicht in de praktijk van het uitgeefovereenkomstenrecht, besproken aan de hand van het modelcontract voor literaire werken

Tijdschrift Contracteren, Aflevering 04 2002
Trefwoorden auteur, overeenkomst, exploitatie, uitgave, voorwaarde, auteursrecht, licentie, overdracht, ontbinding, exploitatierecht
Auteurs M.J. Frequin en W.J. Soetenhorst

M.J. Frequin

W.J. Soetenhorst
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