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IPOS-project – eerste resultaten

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 4 2010
Trefwoorden divorce, mediation, quality of life, research
Auteurs Lut Daniëls en Ann Buysse

    The Interdisciplinary Project for the Optimization of Separation Trajectories in Flanders, IPOS, collected a unique Belgian data set of divorcing people and their children. All aspects of the innovative, process orientated and multidisciplinary model of quality of life are longitudinal examined. The methodology and first results of this IPOS-study are presented. Special attention is paid to mediation.

Lut Daniëls
Lut Daniëls is wetenschappelijk medewerkster aan de Universiteit Gent.

Ann Buysse
Prof. dr. Ann Buyse is hoogleraar aan de Universiteit Gent.

    On 21 May 2008 the European Directive on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters was adopted. The directive will have to be implemented in Dutch legislation before 21 May 2011. The objective of the Directive is to facilitate access to alternative dispute resolution and to promote the amicable settlement of disputes, by encouraging the use of mediation and by ensuring a balanced relationship between mediation and judicial proceedings (Article 1(1)). As a result of the arrival of the European Mediation Directive mediation the Netherlands will get a legal basis and thereby recognition. This article inter alia discusses the Mediation Directive from the NMI's perspective and discusses the articles from the Directive relevant to NMI step by step.

Esther Gathier
Mr. Esther Gathier is beleidsmedewerker bij het NMI.

Mijn kind … ons kind!

Preventie van internationale kinderontvoeringen

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 4 2010
Trefwoorden child abduction
Auteurs Hilde Demarré

    For children involved in an international abduction by one of the parents, there is a real risk of losing their right to contact with the other parent for an extended period of time and sometimes forever. A number of international legal remedies have been created that should provide a solution to these often traumatising experiences. However, their application in an international context often takes a particularly long time and the procedures remain painful and difficult for the families involved. The various players working in the field of international child abductions recognise the importance of preventing international child abductions. The requirement here is that the people involved in the field are well informed of the available and most desirable prevention mechanisms. Therefore Child Focus, in cooperation with the European Commission, developed a prevention guide with information on the phenomenon of international child abduction, prevention mechanism, intervening organizations and flow charts.

Hilde Demarré
Hilde Demarré is projectmanager bij Child Focus en opgeleid familiebemiddelaar.

Ontwikkelingsgericht bemiddelen

Conflicten als bron van groei

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2010
Trefwoorden developmental mediation, retaining, adding, creating
Auteurs Diana Evers

    The author discusses the potential of developmental mediation. In developmental mediation the focus of the mediator is on retaining, adding and creating.

Diana Evers
Diana Evers is werkzaam bij het Mediation Instituut Vlaanderen.

The DIS Mediation Rules

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2010
Trefwoorden mediation, alternative dispute resolution, consensual
Auteurs Prof. dr. Stephan Breidenbach en Dr. Holger Peres

    As a consensual dispute resolution method, mediation is gaining ever more practical significance. Above all, businesses are beginning to understand that mediation poses little risk of failure, while offering a realistic chance of continuing, and in some cases even developing, business relationships. To meet real-life demands, the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) now provides new mediation rules as part of a whole set of new dispute resolution rules.

Prof. dr. Stephan Breidenbach
Stephan Breidenbach is a tenured professor of civil law, law of civil procedure, and international business law at Europe University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He contributed to the design of the DIS dispute resolution system.

Dr. Holger Peres
Holger Peres is an attorney and partner at BEITEN BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in Munich, Germany. He contributed to the design of the DIS dispute resolution system.

Het Alassini arrest en verplichte bemiddeling

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2010
Trefwoorden Universal Service Directive 2002/22/EU, mediation, conciliation, prejudicial question
Auteurs Rob Jagtenberg

    In the case of Rosalba Alassini v. Telecom Italia SpA the Court of Justice of the European Union has for the first time decided (18 March 2010) on the compatibility of a (Italian) statute mandatorily prescribing conciliation prior to application to a Court of Law, whereby the compatibility test was based on various European general principles of law. The author provides a critical comment on some inconsistencies in the judgment and the A-G’s earlier Opinion.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg, verbonden aan o.a. de Erasmus Universiteit, was en is betrokken bij diverse Europese projecten inzake geschillenbeslechting.

De Turnaround Kamer van de rechtbank?

Naar een alternatief systeem voor reorganisatie en conflictoplossing bij dreigende insolventie

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2010
Trefwoorden resolving financial distress, turnaround management, (court-annexed) bankruptcy mediation, insolvency
Auteurs Jan Adriaanse

    In this article it is argued that bankruptcy courts really can help in preventing distressed companies to become bankrupt. However, the use of judicial reorganization procedures (moratoria) should then be abolished. By nature judicial reorganization instruments invoke polarization of debtors and creditors in fact making the (financial) problems of distressed companies worse. A new system for reorganization and dispute settlement should be introduced, at least in the Netherlands, in which insolvency judges act as mediators in confidential negotiation sessions between companies and their creditors. These negotiations should take place at an early stage of the insolvency process, in to be established (neutral) ‘Turnaround Chambers’ of district courts, and should be accompanied by a holistic business turnaround process taking place at the company at stake. By introducing this alternative system the dramatic failure rate of current judicial reorganization procedures (between 73%-95% in the Netherlands) can and will be reduced dramatically.

Jan Adriaanse
Dr. mr. Jan Adriaanse is verbonden aan de Universiteit Leiden en is partner van Solvensys Restructuring Professionals, onderdeel van de WissemaGroup, te Den Haag.

De rechter als conflictmanager; een experiment uit de praktijk

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2010
Trefwoorden conflictoplossing op maat, conflictdiagnose door de rechter, conflictdiagnose door de rechter, partijperspectief
Auteurs Machteld de Hoon

    Nowadays, court hearings play a central part in Dutch civil procedures. Until recently, little was known about how these hearings took place and how the parties involved experienced them. From the perspective of the parties involved, it is better if judges do not only resolve disputes legally, but also act as a conflictmanager. For this purpose, a method called ‘Conflictoplossing op maat’ (‘Customized conflict resolution’) was introduced by Machteld Pel (former director of The Netherlands court-connected mediation agency). In this paper I discuss the method as well as the results from an experiment in practice. In short, the results indicate that the method is, though not easy to implement, useful to improve the hearings of court procedures in disputes between civilians.

Machteld de Hoon
Machteld de Hoon is als universitair hoofddocent privaatrecht verbonden aan de Universiteit van Tilburg, in het bijzonder het onderzoeksinstituut TISCO. Daarnaast is ze rechter-plaatsvervanger bij de Rechtbank Den Bosch.

Interview met Lex Penders, regierechter in Utrecht

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2010
Trefwoorden interview, Pilot Customized Conflict Resolution, judge-conflictmanager
Auteurs Brigitte Chin-A-Fat en Bart Prinsen

    An interview was held with Lex Penders, judge in the court of Utrecht. Subject of the interview was the role of the judge as regierechter (judge-conflictmanager) in the pilot project Customized Conflict Resolution. He talks about his experiences in the pilot and his ideas for future improvements in court hearings.

Brigitte Chin-A-Fat
Brigitte Chin-A-Fat is redactielid van TMD.

Bart Prinsen
Bart Prinsen is medeauteur van het artikel Over de nut en noodzaak van goede geschillenregelingen voor (familie)bedrijven), dat in TMD 2009, nr. 4 verscheen.

    The option of caucusing – i.e. one-on-one conversations between the mediator and one of the parties – is what makes mediation different from other types of conflict resolution. Both the view that all that is discussed in the caucus should remain confidential and the view that this should essentially be shared with the other party lead to suboptimal results. Economically inefficient outcomes caused by strategic actions by the parties can be avoided if the mediator communicates the information disclosed to him/her in the caucus to the other party in such a way (‘noisy translation’) that this other party cannot use this information to the disadvantage of the disclosing party.

M.A. Overman
M.A. Overman is advocaat te Rotterdam.

Zakelijk conflictmanagement in breed perspectief

Eisen en prikkels vanuit risicomanagement, kostenbeheersing, actualiteiten ADR/EDR en het juridisch kader

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2010
Trefwoorden risk management, cost control, ADR/EDR, legal context
Auteurs Ellen van Beukering

    In this contribution an overview is given of the most recent developments with regard to commercial dispute management and its legal context, in particular in the Netherlands. Firstly, a focus is put on the importance of integral conflict management on the basis of ADR/EDR from the perspective of risk management and cost control. Secondly, recent developments with regard to effective dispute resolution, in particular in government policy, ADR/EDR and in the legal context are discussed. The judicial and the extrajudicial system offer conflict parties various possibilities to effective and efficient dispute resolution. Further, special attention is paid to mediation clauses in commercial contracts. With regard to the European Directive of 21 May 2008 on mediation in civil and commercial matters, Directive 2008/52/EC, its consequences to the Dutch legal system and its importance for commercial dispute resolution management are discussed.

Ellen van Beukering
Ellen van Beukering is docent, adviseur, auteur en redacteur van dit tijdschrift. E-mail: vanbeukering@gmail.com.

    This contribution examines the European Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters and deals with the question whether the Belgian law on mediation, namely Articles 1724 to 1737 of the Belgian Judicial Code, as introduced into the Belgian law in 2005, need to be amended in the light of the Directive. It concludes that in some aspects the Belgian law ought to be improved so to implement some provisions of the Directive not yet dealt with in the law of 2005. It recommends to include in the Belgian law a definition on mediation, and also to stipulate which Belgian institution in particular shall provide the requested information on mediation and communicate with the European authorities. The contribution also suggests to consider introducing into the Belgian law a mechanism to promote mediation through incentives and/or sanctions, for which the measures recently adopted in the English legal system might possibly serve as an example.

Herman Verbist
Herman Verbist is advocaat bij de balie te Gent en Brussel, gastprofessor Universiteit Gent en Erkend Bemiddelaar.

Case study: the international CSR conflict and Mediation Supply-chain responsibility – the article revisited one year later

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2010
Trefwoorden corporate social responsibility, international CSR conflicts, supply-chain responsibility, CSR
Auteurs Sjef Stoop, Ineke Zeldenrust, Gerard Oonk e.a.

    In TMD 2009-2 the article ‘Case study: the international CSR conflict and mediation. Supply-chain responsibility: western customers and the Indian textile industry’ was published. In this article, Tineke Lambooy describes the ins and outs of the multiparty dispute between G-Star, in origin a Dutch company, the Indian-Italian Fibres & Fabrics, the employees of Fibre & Fabrics International, the governments involved and a number of non-governmental organisations striving for good labour relations and labour conditions. Lambooy’s article resulted in four reactions that are published in this article.

Sjef Stoop
Sjef Stoop is trainer-consultant European Works Councils, FNV Formaat. Van 2003 tot 2007 was hij International Verification Coordinator van de Fairwear Foundation.

Ineke Zeldenrust
Ineke Zeldenrust is werkzaam bij Schone Kleren Campagne.

Gerard Oonk
Gerard Oonk is directeur Landelijke India Werkgroep.

Frans Evers
Frans Evers is voorzitter Nationaal Contactpunt voor de toepassing van de OESO-richtlijnen multinationale ondernemingen.

Lawrence Susskind
Lawrence Susskind is Ford Professor of Urban Studies and Planning aan het Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ook is hij vice chair, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Tineke Lambooy
Tineke Lambooy is a Senior Researcher at Nyenrode Business University (Nyenrode) in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and she lectures in Legal Aspects of Globalisation-CSR, and Mergers & Acquisitions at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She is completing a PhD on the Legal Aspects of CSR. Ms Lambooy assisted Mr Lubbers as a mediator in the conflict discussed in this contribution. E-mail: T.Lambooy@nyenrode.nl or T.E.Lambooy@uu.nl

Ruud Lubbers
Ruud Lubbers is mediator and inter alia former Prime Minister of The Netherlands.
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