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Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement x Rubriek Column x

Ruim baan voor co-mediation

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 4 2014
Trefwoorden co-mediation, peer review, supervision, methods of co-mediation
Auteurs Drs. Lisette van der Lans en Drs. Anneke van Teijlingen

    How to make co-mediation to a success. About managing expectations, securing confidentiality and clarifying the role of the mediator and co-mediator to everybody involved. Many very good examples of co-mediation can be found in neighbourhood mediation, cross border mediation in child obduction cases, mediation in local government and in a normal, general mediation office.
    Reasons to choose for co-mediation are:

    • four eyes see more than two;

    • you can give each other feedback;

    • a starting mediator can gain experience without any risk for the client;

    • when emotions get high, parties can be split up.

    Reasons not to choose for co-mediation are:
    • lower revenues for the mediator;

    • problems with planning.

Drs. Lisette van der Lans
Drs. Lisette van der Lans is MfN-registermediator.

Drs. Anneke van Teijlingen
Drs. Anneke van Teijlingen is MfN-registermediator.

    In his column ‘Versterking alternatieve geschilbeslechting in consumentenzaken door richtlijn ADR en verordening ODR’ Koos Nijgh, head of the legal department of the ‘Stichting Geschillencommissies voor Consumentenzaken (SGC)’ gives an overview of how the SGC should anticipate the recent European legislative developments regarding ADR. After a brief summary on how the SGC functions, he analyses the European legislative demands and the policy the SGC has adopted. The author concludes that the impact of the new legislation is overseeable and that the SGC will do even better in the future.

Mr. Koos Nijgh
Mr. J. Nijgh is hoofd Juridische Zaken van de Stichting Geschillencommissies voor Consumentenzaken (SGC).

Schikken, slikken of strikken?

De Europese ontwerpregelgeving voor ADR in consumentengeschillen

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2012
Trefwoorden ADR in consumentengeschillen, Online dispute resolution, Europese ontwerpregelgeving, Consumer ADR, ODR, EU legislative proposals
Auteurs Rob Jagtenberg

    This contribution discusses the EU Commission proposals for a directive on Consumer ADR and a Regulation on consumer ODR. The directive compels member state to cater for complete coverage of all contractual consumer disputes (whether domestic or cross-border) by ADR entities that meet certain quality requirements and to actively make these facilities known. The proposed regulation introduces an EU-wide single ODR platform that will transfer consumer complaints to the appropriate national entity. European comparative research suggests the business community’s initial reluctance to (co-)finance such external extra-judicial dispute reolution schemes (deploying quasi-arbitration or mediation) may be overcome in either of two ways: through the prospect of introducing EU collective consumer redress before the courts instead, or by convincing business of ADR’s use as an additional marketing feedback tool. Some open questions that remain are highlighted.

Rob Jagtenberg
Mr. dr. Rob Jagtenberg verricht vergelijkend onderzoek naar mediation en conflictmanagement in Europa.

Bemiddeling/mediation: tijd voor innovatie en creativiteit

Klantgericht werken!

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2011
Trefwoorden creativity, client, marketing, help
Auteurs Veerle Lisabeth

    If we want Mediation to be a success, we need to diversify our techniques by mixing different styles and forms.Mediators, should always try to find solutions for the problems of their clients and not only bring the prophecy to the world of the ideal ‘conflict resolution’. It is important to be flexible and not stick to one style of mediation but to try out new recipes in mixing them together. Have the guts to experiment with coaching, advising ,negotiating, collecting information etc.. Mediators also need to take the ‘marketing rules more serious. Every client is looking for HELP. So please do so and train yourself in finding out their real needs.And finally mediation is a perfect technique to save costs in a company..unsolved conflicts and tensions cost fortunes.Let us ‘market’ our business in an new and creative way.

Veerle Lisabeth
Veerle Lisabeth is erkend bemiddelaar in handels- en familiezaken en zaakvoerder Affinity.
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