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Slachtoffers van onrecht: de psychologie van secundaire victimisatie (en positieve reacties voor slachtoffers)

Tijdschrift PROCES, Aflevering 2 2015
Trefwoorden slachtofferrechten, just-world theorie, negatieve reacties richting slachtoffers, steun richting slachtoffers
Auteurs Dr. Michèlle Bal

    Victims play an increasingly more prominent role in the criminal justice process. While the consequences of victim participation in the judicial process have been criticized by researchers and practitioners alike, the possible negative consequences of secondary victimization has been largely neglected in this debate. From a social psychological perspective, I discuss research on just-world theory that can explain these negative reactions and give some insight into the processes that play a role in both negative and positive reactions toward victims. Implications for the law practitioners and scholars will be discussed.

Dr. Michèlle Bal
Dr. Michèlle Bal is universitair docent Criminologie aan het Instituut voor Strafrecht & Criminologie van de Universiteit Leiden.

    Starting in 2015, Dutch municipalities will have complete administrative responsibility for all types of youth care on the continuum of preventive child education programs to youth probation and re-entry aftercare. In the process of this so called ‘youth care transition’, the use of available and valid scientific knowledge about effective reduction of juvenile crime (distilled from What Works, desistance focused studies and forensic pedagogy) seems to be suppressed by the administrative and procedural concerns that municipalities are now facing. In this article, these concerns are discussed and some solutions are presented.

Dr. Bas Vogelvang
Dr. Bas Vogelvang is lector Reclassering en Veiligheidsbeleid bij het Expertisecentrum Veiligheid van de Avans Hogeschool en expertadviseur bij Van Montfoort.

Verplichte nazorg effectief?

Tijdschrift PROCES, Aflevering 3 2011
Trefwoorden juvenile delinquents, aftercare, re-adjustment, placement in Institution for Juvenile offenders
Auteurs Dr. Maartje Timmermans en Dr. Katrien de Vaan

    In the near future juvenile delinquents who return from a PIJ-measure (Placement in Institution for Juvenile Offenders) will receive aftercare on a compulsory basis. Aftercare aims at a successful re-adjustment in society, contributing to reduced recidivism. In 2008 a pilot was set up in which 18+ PIJ youth were offered voluntary aftercare. Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice, Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek investigated the experiences in the pilot. Results show that the content of the aftercare is mainly focused on practical issues. Support on (further) development of psychosocial abilities is minimal. The authors make recommendations that could be relevant in setting up the content of obligatory and effective aftercare.

Dr. Maartje Timmermans
Dr. M. Timmermans is onderzoeker op het gebied van criminaliteit en veiligheid bij Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek.

Dr. Katrien de Vaan
Dr. K.B.M. de Vaan is onderzoeker op het gebied van criminaliteit en veiligheid bij Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek.

Lessen voor Rutte I

Tijdschrift PROCES, Aflevering 6 2010
Auteurs Miranda Boone

Miranda Boone

Burgemeesters beter voorbereid

Tijdschrift PROCES, Aflevering 6 2010
Trefwoorden Informatievoorziening, Burgemeesters, Ex-gedetineerden
Auteurs Mr. drs. Ad Schreijenberg en Drs. Joost van den Tillaart

    The Dutch Minister of Justice has promised that a city’s mayor will be informed if a former prisoner, who was sentenced for a sex offense and/or serious violent crime, returns to the municipality. Because of an improved information position, the mayor is able to take founded and timely measures in order to prevent disturbances in public safety. To determine how this information can be organised in the best way, a pilot was carried out. The evaluation of this pilot suggests that the information meets a need, but that the information processing is vulnerable in certain parts. Following the evaluation the process will be adapted and may be rolled out nationwide.

Mr. drs. Ad Schreijenberg
Ad Schreijenberg is onderzoeker bij het cluster Criminaliteit en veiligheid, Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek.

Drs. Joost van den Tillaart
Joost van den Tillaart is onderzoeker bij het cluster Criminaliteit en veiligheid, Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek.
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