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Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement x

Pracademia: a personal account of a mediation clinic and its development

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2020
Trefwoorden mediation clinic, students, practicing, Circle of engagement, Susskind
Auteurs Charlie Irvine

    This article tells the story of University of Strathclyde Mediation Clinic through the eyes of its founder. Taking its first case in 2012, by the start of 2021 it will be providing a free mediation service in 16 of Scotland’s 39 sheriff courts, covering more than half the country’s population. Yet it started with no plan, no budget and a few volunteers. The article makes the case that mediation clinics, like mediation itself, call for improvisation, coining the term ‘pracademia’ to describe how such clinics straddle the two worlds of practice and theory.

Charlie Irvine
Charlie Irvine has been working as a mediator since the early 1990s; he developed and runs the Mediation and Conflict Resolution masters programme at University of Strathclyde Law School, Glasgow. He is also Director of Strathclyde Mediation Clinic. His academic work is focused on mediation and justice, in particular the neglected justice reasoning of ordinary people.

De mediator buddy

Reflecties bij de persoonlijkheid van de mediator, de nood aan ‘de-bias’ en de haalbaarheid van een mediator ‘buddy’

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2020
Trefwoorden mediator buddy, bias, integrity, 5MBP, reflection
Auteurs Alain Laurent Verbeke

    As mediators we should be aware of our biases. We cannot avoid them, although we need integrity and impartiality while helping people communicate and negotiate in their search for conflict resolution. The mediator’s job is delicate and important, as we ‘play’ with people and their underlying interests, emotions and identity. That is also the case in business mediation, where it all seems to be just professional and some feel emotions are to be avoided.
    Mediators need much intrapersonal work to stay balanced and to manage their own biases. In this article a 5 step Managing Biases Process (5MBP) is suggested.
    To do this honestly and seriously, and to keep growing, we need a ‘sparring partner”. Such mediator buddy contributes to our checks and balances, and better guarantees the integrity of the mediator.

Alain Laurent Verbeke
Alain Laurent Verbeke is gewoon hoogleraar aan de KU Leuven, Full Professor of Law & Negotiation-Mediation Leuven, Harvard, Tilburg, UCP Lisbon en advocaat.

Luc Demeyere
Luc Demeyere is advocaat aan de Balie te Antwerpen, werkzaam bij Contrast, erkend bemiddelaar en redacteur van TMD.

Roger Ritzen
Roger Ritzen is advocaat aan de Balie te Breda-Middelburg (Nederland) en EU-Advocaat aan de Balie te Antwerpen. Tevens erkend bemiddelaar, erkend door de Federale Bemiddelingscommissie (België) en redacteur van TMD.

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is associate professor of ADR and comparative law at Erasmus University Law School in Rotterdam, editor-in-chief of TMD, and vice chair of the exams committee of the Mediators Federation of the Netherlands MFN. She has published extensively on mediation and has inter alia been a Rapporteur three times for the European Commission on the use of mediation in employment disputes.

Jan Ritzen
Jan Ritzen is a graduate law student from the University of Leuven, principally focusing on corporate law and alternative dispute resolution. Currently, he is studying philosophy at the same University and he is a board member of LCM SA to further establish the extra-curricular formation for students in mediation and negotiation techniques.

Joost Maassen
Joost Maassen is a Negotiation & Conflict Management Professional with Dialogue B.V. in The Netherlands. Specialist for negotiations and alternative dispute resolution (mediation) in (international) commercial, corporate and employment matters. Worked in (international) corporate and commercial litigation and arbitration as an attorney with a leading Dutch law firm, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

Eric Lancksweerdt
Eric Lancsweerdt is hoofddocent aan de Universiteit Hasselt en lid van de redactie van TMD.

    Since 2004 all students in Flemish universities and university colleges have the right to file an internal appeal within their institution against a negative study progress decision. This contribution gives an overview on what the current legal framework of such an internal appeals procedure looks like and aims to discuss some focal points (the composition of the committee, the hearing of a student, formal aspects when filing the appeal, …) when developing such a procedure.

Lien Mampaey
Lien Mampaey is stafmedewerker juridische zaken met betrekking tot onderwijs, bij de Dienst Onderwijs van de Universiteit Hasselt.

Michiel Verhulst
Michiel Verhulst studeert rechten aan de KU Leuven.

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is hoofdredacteur van TMD, hoofddocent aan de Erasmus Universiteit en vicevoorzitter van de examencommissie Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators. Zij heeft diverse malen als key expert voor de Europese Commissie meegewerkt aan projecten, met name op het gebied van arbeidsrechtelijke mediation.

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is hoofdredacteur van TMD, verbonden aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en mediator.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg is fellow aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en lid van de redactie van TMD.

Eric Lancksweerdt
Eric Lancksweerdt is hoofddocent aan de Universiteit Hasselt, praktijkassistent aan de Universiteit Antwerpen en lid van de redactie van TMD.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg is fellow aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en lid van de redactie van TMD.

Deelname studententeam 7de ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition te Parijs

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2012
Trefwoorden 7the ICC Mediation Competition, Dutch student team, style of negotiation
Auteurs Marit de Vrijer

    In February 2012 the Dutch student team took part in the 7th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. In their report they describe some of their experiences inter alia with the different negotiation styles practiced by the (other) student teams, particularly how a chosen style of negotiation may have a positive or negative impact on the mediation process. This was an important insight for a possibly new generation of mediators.

Marit de Vrijer

Bemiddeling/mediation: tijd voor innovatie en creativiteit

Klantgericht werken!

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2011
Trefwoorden creativity, client, marketing, help
Auteurs Veerle Lisabeth

    If we want Mediation to be a success, we need to diversify our techniques by mixing different styles and forms.Mediators, should always try to find solutions for the problems of their clients and not only bring the prophecy to the world of the ideal ‘conflict resolution’. It is important to be flexible and not stick to one style of mediation but to try out new recipes in mixing them together. Have the guts to experiment with coaching, advising ,negotiating, collecting information etc.. Mediators also need to take the ‘marketing rules more serious. Every client is looking for HELP. So please do so and train yourself in finding out their real needs.And finally mediation is a perfect technique to save costs in a company..unsolved conflicts and tensions cost fortunes.Let us ‘market’ our business in an new and creative way.

Veerle Lisabeth
Veerle Lisabeth is erkend bemiddelaar in handels- en familiezaken en zaakvoerder Affinity.

De 6e ICC Mediation Competition voor studenten: enkele impressies van de Nederlandse deelnemers

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2011
Trefwoorden mediation, techniques/techniek, feedback, session/sessie
Auteurs Steven van Maris, Dennis Huizing en Laura Schrijver

    This article contains a report by the Dutch student team of its participation in the 6th ICC Mediation Competition in Paris.It gives an impression of the various mediation sessions, the mediation techniques used, what feedback was given, how the feedback was used in subsequent sessions, meetings with other students and teachers and a description of the general atmosphere.

Steven van Maris
Steven van Maris is student fiscaal recht.

Dennis Huizing
Dennis Huizing is student psychologie.

Laura Schrijver
Laura Schrijver is student notarieel en fiscaal recht.

Eindopdracht ‘Mediation in zakelijke geschillen’ – Wijzer in conflictmanagement

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2010
Trefwoorden effective dispute resolution, internal conflicts, managers, conflict methods
Auteurs Esther van der Drift, Laura Franssen, Lisette Moerdijk e.a.

    Research shows that many companies are unfamiliar with Effective Dispute Resolution (EDR) methods. Increasingly however managers wish to effectively solve disputes. This has resulted in the development of a simple tool for managers. Our conflict resolution chart is based on a literature study of factors proven to play a role in the choice for a particular dispute resolution method. The conflict resolution chart was refined based on the answers of ten managers to a questionnaire about the developed tool. The manager can use the chart as a first indicator of what course of actions with regard to the conflict he has to take.

Esther van der Drift
Esther van der Drift is bachelor informatiekunde.

Laura Franssen
Laura Franssen is bachelor rechtsgeleerdheid.

Lisette Moerdijk
Lisette Moerdijk is bachelor algemene sociale wetenschappen.

Silke Praagman
Silke Praagman is studente togamaster.
Recent en Casus

In memoriam Chris ten Raa (1926-2007)

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 01 2008
Trefwoorden Conciliation, Mediation, Conflictbemiddeling, Procespartij, Rechtspraak, Student, Advocatuur, Bemiddeling, Bestuurder, Bouw
Auteurs Jagtenberg, R.

Jagtenberg, R.

Ethiek en arbeidsmediation

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 04 2005
Trefwoorden Mediator, Mediation, Overdracht, Seksuele intimidatie, Arbeidsconflict, Medewerker, Arbeidsverhouding, Autoriteit financiële markten, Gerechtelijke procedure, Onpartijdigheid
Auteurs Iest, K. en Stam, L.

Iest, K.

Stam, L.

Interview met Mauk Mulder, de rebelse professor die de machtsrelaties duidt

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 02 2007
Trefwoorden Mediation, Ambtenaar, Ondernemingsraad, Vader, Aansprakelijkheid, Bouw, Eigenaar, Inbreng, Levering, Student
Auteurs Kil, A.

Kil, A.
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