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Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement x Jaar 2011 x

    This article examines the Belgian legislation aimed at safeguarding the confidential nature of mediation. It takes the perspective of all actors involved in the mediation process: the parties to the dispute, the mediator and experts or witnesses who participate in the mediation.

Ken Andries
Ken Andries is redactielid van TMD.

Arbitrage en het draagvlak bij insolventieprocedures

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2011
Trefwoorden Arbitrage, Insolventie, toepasselijk recht, praktische gevolgen
Auteurs Dirk De Meulemeester

    An arbitrator and the parties can be confronted with an insolvent party. In such event the arbitrator will have to integrate the effects of the insolvency into the arbitration proceedings and consider several precautions in order to render a valid and enforceable award. The main principle when tackling most of these issues is the equality of creditors. Another issue can be the identification of the applicable (system of) law. The effect of the insolvency can vary considerably depending thereon. In domestic arbitration this will not be an issue. Also, when the parties all come from EU-member states, the identification of the applicable law and the effects of the insolvency are covered by the European Insolvency Regulation. But in other international disputes the relationship between bankruptcy law and arbitration can be complex and uncertain. To illustrate the difficulty of the issues the Syska Vivendi case serves as an excellent example. Finally we describe the impact on the way the arbitration is conducted by the tribunal and on the administration and supervision of the arbitration by the institution.

Dirk De Meulemeester
Dirk De Meulemeester is advocaat.

Mogelijkheden voor slachtoffer-daderbemiddeling in het Nederlandse strafproces

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2011
Trefwoorden victim-offender mediation, criminal procedure, restorative Justice, principles of law
Auteurs Marianne Lochs

    In the Netherlands victim-offender mediation is scarcely organized. However, the Dutch criminal procedure does offer possibilities for the implementation of mediation. In this article four modalities are discussed. At the stage of police investigation the police can refer parties to a mediation service. At the stage of the prosecution the public prosecutor can offer mediation as a condition for dismissal. When the case has been laid before a Court, the parties can involve in mediation after the proceedings have been stayed. The result of the mediation can then be taken into account by the Judge in the penal decision. When it comes to the more serious offences there should be possibilities for mediation at the stage of the penal execution. However, because of the contrasts between the principles of mediation and the criminal procedure, all of the modalities will have to find a balance between these principles.

Marianne Lochs
Marianne Lochs is advocaat-stagiaire.

    When a lawyer has his/her intake meeting with a client and ponders whether the case is to be taken to court or whether it is appropriate for mediation, different parameters have to be considered.
    Mr Green finds out that this photovoltaic installation does not produce the output initially guaranteed, and his lawyer will first have a look at the terms and conditions on guarantee and liability in the sales contract. The lawyer should consider time, cost, potential outcome and future relations between the parties, and compare these four parameters in a situation whereby proceedings in court are initiated with a situation whereby a mediation is started up. The assessment of each of these parameters in court proceedings and mediation is entirely different, and understanding these differences will assist in opting for court proceedings or mediation, or a combination of both. Reflexivity will be key.

Luc Demeyere
Luc Demeyere is advocaat bij De balie te Antwerpen.
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