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Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement x

De nieuwe mindset van de collaboratieve advocaat

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2-3 2019
Trefwoorden Collaboratieve advocaten, Terugtrekkingsclausule, Diskwalificatieclausule, Collaboratief onderhandelen
Auteurs Wouter De Canck en Sofie Storms

    The new Belgian law on collaborative conflict resolution installs a disqualification clause, which parties have to sign before starting the negotiations. If they cannot resolve their dispute, they agree to stop the negotiations in advance. What skills do the lawyers need to make collaborative conflict resolution a success?

Wouter De Canck
Wouter De Canck is advocaat aan de balie van Gent, erkend scheidingsbemiddelaar en erkend bemiddelaar in burgerlijke en handelszaken en medeoprichter van Rechto Verso, die juristen helpt om anders in een conflict te staan. Hij is gasttrainer bij Mediv.

Sofie Storms
Sofie Storms is erkend bemiddelaar in familiale en sociale zaken, getraind ‘collaboratief coach’ in Nederland, en medeoprichter van Rechto Verso, die juristen helpt om anders in een conflict te staan. Verder is zij consultant bij FrahanBlondé en gasttrainer bij Mediv.

Conflictmanagement als toegevoegde waarde in de zorg(organisatie): een praktijkgetuigenis

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2018
Trefwoorden rechtstreekse communicatie en dialoog, beleving en verbinding, uitdaging en ontwikkeling
Auteurs Luc Van Bauwel

    The hospital sector is not only confronted with the challenges of technical and digital medicine (AI), but also with the expectations of increasingly more talkative patients and their relatives. Luc Van Bauwel introduces you to and testifies about the way in which the ombudsman service of an important hospital group in Antwerp evolved from mere complaint handling as an ombudsservice on the basis of principles of mediation to anchoring the ideas in the liars of management, doctors and other employees; he gives an overview of how the professional ombudsman organized his self and how the surrounding other stakeholders perceived this relatively new ‘ombudsman’ service, which was established by law; how patients have experienced this form of conflict management in the past 15 years, which has been monitored inside the care institution twice in the last 15 years; in the end, he testifies how the acquired/gained trust has grown, as a result of which he now participates on board level in an active role from the very beginning of developing and implementing changes, in the ever-present processes of change, in particular aimed at the doctors associated with the organization.

Luc Van Bauwel
Luc Van Bauwel is verpleegkundige, systeempsychotherapeut en bemiddelaar. Hij heeft een sterke ervaring in klachtenmanagement en in het werken met psychosociale problemen op het werk binnen de ziekenhuiscontext. Voorheen werkte hij als hoofdverpleegkundige op de psychiatrische afdeling van het Sint-Vincentiusziekenhuis te Antwerpen en bouwde de ombudsdienst uit tot een dienst bemiddeling voor alle partijen (patiënten, personeel en artsen). Deze dienst coördineerde hij over de drie GZA Ziekenhuizen en tien Woonzorgcentra met bijkomende focus op psychosociale ondersteuning. Op dit moment begeleidt hij alle kleine en grote veranderingsprocessen binnen deze voortdurend wijzigende context en werkt hij mee binnen Human Recources aan een leiderschapsacademie voor (medisch) leidinggevenden.

Nieuw in België: Collaboratieve Onderhandelingen Wettelijk Geregeld

(New in Belgium: A Statutory Basis for Collaborative Negotiations)

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 4 2018
Trefwoorden Collaboratieve onderhandelingen, Bemiddelingswet, conflictoplossing, België, Collaboratieve advocaat
Auteurs Willem Meuwissen

    The ADR Act of 18 June 2018 provides for an insertion into the ‘Gerechtelijk Wetboek’ (Judicial Code), entitled ‘Collaboratieve onderhandelingen’ (Collaborative Negotiations), which came into force on 1 January 2019.

Willem Meuwissen
Willem Meuwissen is an attorney and accredited mediator with the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission and a member of the Belgian Association of Collaborative Professionals. He teaches negotiation and mediation at the universities of Antwerp and Brussels. He trains students becoming certified mediator at bMediaton and EMTPJ.

Judith Simon-Emaus
Judith Simon-Emaus is directeur van het bureau van de Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN) en van de Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators te Rotterdam.

    Over the last years the expectations of Belgian clients have changed and the Flemish lawyer needs to adapt his positioning. Clients are looking for a personalized solution that not only provides a solution for the substantive (pure legal) aspect of the dispute, but also meets, at least takes into account, the more emotional and relational aspects of the conflict.
    In collaborative negotiation (also called principled or interest-based negotiation), the approach is to treat the relationship as an important and valuable element while seeking an equitable and fair agreement for all parties.
    As part of the collaborative law method, each party engages its own specially trained Collaborative attorney whose job consists in helping to settle the dispute outside the court. If one of the parties however decides to go to court, the collaborative law process terminates and both attorneys are disqualified from any further involvement in the case.
    The Association of French- and German-speaking Bars of Belgium has integrated collaborative law in its code of ethics. The Association of Dutch speaking Bars of Belgium looks in which way collaborative law can also become a part of the practice of the Flemish lawyer.

Anne-Sofie D’Herde
Anne-Sofie D’Herde is als advocaat verbonden aan de Nederlandse Orde van advocaten bij de Balie van Brussel, alwaar zij een werkgroep collaboratief recht voorzit. Zij is erkend bemiddelaar in Familiezaken, Burgerlijke en Handelszaken en gevormd in collaboratief recht. Zij is werkzaam bij het advocatenkantoor Justia.

Hoe denken Zuidas-advocaten over mediation?

Advocaten van de grote zakelijke kantoren (NL) geïnterviewd over mediation

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2016
Trefwoorden Business-mediation, zakelijke mediation, interviews, advocaten
Auteurs Lodewijk Smeehuijzen

    It is often assumed business mediation in The Netherlands is not used to its full potential. This article reports on 17 interviews with lawyers from leading Dutch business law firms about their considerations regarding mediation. Most reasons mentioned to turn to mediation are in line with the advantages of mediation described in the literature. Unique positive considerations are: (i) mediation may serve as a substitute for confidential discussions between lawyers and (ii) a mediator may help to sidetrack the sub-standard lawyer on the other side. Reasons mentioned to refrain from mediation are: (i) attempts to resolve the conflict have already been made at various hierarchical levels of the companies involved; (ii) for lawyers with adequate negotiation skills a mediator has little added value; (iii) parties require a formal judgement; (iv) mediation implies some sort of compromise; (v) lack of trust between parties; (vi) not knowing any sufficiently skilled business mediators.

Lodewijk Smeehuijzen
Lodewijk Smeehuijzen is hoogleraar privaatrecht aan de VU en raadsheer-plaatsvervanger in het Gerechtshof Arnhem-Leeuwarden.

    It proves that in succession planning relational aspects are at least as important as juridical and fiscal aspects. Every family has his own context and for that also his own wishes and solicitudes.

Liliane Gepts
Liliane Gepts is fiscaal-jurist en bemiddelaar.

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is hoofdredacteur van TMD, verbonden aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en mediator.

Eric Lancksweerdt
Eric Lancksweerdt is hoofddocent aan de universiteit Hasselt, praktijkassistent aan de universiteit Antwerpen en lid van de redactie van TMD.

    Inclusive mediation involves a mediator whose neutrality is based on involvement with both sides of the dispute, and whose normative references are implicit; he or she is an insider. Exclusive mediation, on the other hand, involves a third party whose neutrality derives from his knowing neither disputant, and whose references to norms are explicit; an outsider, so to speak. The concepts of inclusive and exclusive mediation have been introduced by the anthropologist Carol Greenhouse in the 1980s. Inclusive mediation heavily relies on local knowledge and local ties, and its orientation can be labelled as horizontal. Basically, it fits small-scale societies, while exclusive mediation is more common in Europe and the United States. This article is about dispute settlement in an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian highlands, were I have encountered a unusual mixture of both forms: a local teniente político who applies inclusive as well as exclusive aspects of mediation at the same time.

Marc Simon Thomas
Marc A. Simon Thomas is rechtsantropoloog en postdoc onderzoeker bij het Montaigne Centrum voor Rechtspleging en Conflictoplossing, Universiteit Utrecht.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg is fellow aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en lid van de redactie van TMD.

Eric Lancksweerdt
Eric Lancksweerdt is hoofddocent aan de universiteit Hasselt, praktijkassistent aan de universiteit Antwerpen en lid van de redactie van TMD.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg is fellow aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en lid van de redactie van TMD.

De minnelijke beslechting van familiale geschillen in België

Nieuwe wegen als gevolg van de wet van 30 juli 2013 betreffende de invoering van een familie- en jeugdrechtbank

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2015
Trefwoorden Familiale geschillen, Familie- en jeugdrechtbank, Minnelijke schikking, Akkoordvonnis, verzoening
Auteurs Steven Brouwers

    In a sequal to his earlier contribution in TMD 2014 (18) 2, p. 63, the author describes in more detail the ins and outs of the statute of 30 July 2013 on family and juvenile courts. With this new statute Belgian family and juvenile law are modernized. Also, the new statute started an autonomous development in family procedure, apart from the general civil procedure rules: most of the family conflicts can be solved in a shortened procedure and the possibility of mediation is introduced.

Steven Brouwers
Steven Brouwers is erkend advocaat-bemiddelaar in familiezaken en docent UAntwerpen PAO Bemiddeling.

    The cost of conflicts in the Netherlands between civil parties or individuals and the government add up to more than 12 billion Euro. For this calculation, a framework has been developed to distinct between three cost categories: Subject (parties) cost, System cost (e.g. court) and Consequential cost. The latter category represents more than 50% of the total cost, the majority of which are born by commercial parties and employer. The government bears 12,5% of the total cost. The impact on insurance companies could not be estimated but is suspected to be substantial. It are these three parties who in concert should fund further investigation and develop initiatives to reduce the financial and human cost of conflicts. It is to be investigated which incentives are required to make this game change to take place.

Ivor Brinkman
Ivor Brinkman (1968) is Registeraccountant en Registermediator. Mede op grond van eigen observaties, aangevuld met uitgebreid onderzoek naar die van anderen, is hij tot de conclusie gekomen dat de impact van conflicten op mensen en organisaties groot is en dat de samenleving lijkt te juridiseren. Om dit tegen te gaan heeft hij Vantage opgezet dat zich richt op het ontwikkelen en verstrekken van instrumenten en diensten om mensen en organisaties te helpen anders om te gaan met conflicten door deze vroeger te herkennen, vaardiger te worden om escalatie te stoppen en meer zelfstandig in staat te zijn om tot oplossing te komen. Vooral het voorkomen van conflicten heeft zijn bijzondere interesse. Zie ook

Bemiddeling bij Belgische class actions

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2015
Trefwoorden massaschade, collectieve afwikkeling, consumentengeschillen, class action
Auteurs Marc Taeymans

    The author discusses the details of the new Belgian statute on class actions. An intriguing part of the new legislation is that friendly negotiations between the disputing parties are strongly encouraged, yet the intervention of a professional mediator is wholly absent from the law. This is surprising, as the author emphasizes, in view of the procedural safeguards that mediation entails, safeguards that could also be of use in mass litigation.

Marc Taeymans
Marc Taeymans is bedrijfsjurist, praktijklector KU Leuven, en erkend bemiddelaar.

Een aanzet voor een methodiek tot het voorkomen van (internationale) insolventies

Verslag van verkennend praktijkonderzoek gericht op beter conflictmanagement bij bedrijven in zwaar weer

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2015
Trefwoorden Resolving financial distress, Juridical developments, Harvard negotiation, Serious gaming
Auteurs Jan A.A. Adriaanse, Mr. dr. Ellen J.M. van Beukering en Dr. Jean-Pierre I. van der Rest

    Research has been conducted by Leiden Law School into the efficacy of an instrument based on insolvency practice, ‘Harvard negotiation’ and ‘serious gaming’ aiming at better conflict management in case of (near) bankruptcy. Business rescue workout simulation games were played at different places worldwide. Serious gaming provides insight in the complexity and dynamics of (informal) reorganizations. The research further confirms that the Harvard negotiation-principles and the INSOL International Statement of Principles for a Global approach to multi-creditor workouts may provide a useful contribution to the realization of a successful (international) financial restructuring. The intervention of skilled neutrals is often significative. More focus on communication, negotiation and cooperative dispute resolution is also consistent with the initiatives of legislators and policymakers which stimulate companies to restructure at an early stage of financial distress. These developments also make ADR-skills become of more relevance to (insolvency) professionals.

Jan A.A. Adriaanse
Jan A.A. Adriaanse is hoogleraar Turnaround Management, Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid.

Mr. dr. Ellen J.M. van Beukering
Ellen J.M. van Beukering is Universitair Docent Burgerlijk Procesrecht en Bedrijfswetenschappen, Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid.

Dr. Jean-Pierre I. van der Rest
Universitair Hoofddocent Bedrijfswetenschappen, Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid.

Fiscale bemiddeling in België: een curiosum?

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 3 2014
Trefwoorden Alternatieve geschillenoplossing, Bemiddeling (Gerechtelijk recht), Fiscale bemiddeling, Fiscale bemiddelingsdienst
Auteurs Wendy Hensen

    Wendy Hensen analyzes the current Belgian legislation on tax mediation from the perspective of the traditional mediation doctrine. This legislation is in no way connected to the general set of rules on mediation incorporated into the Judicial Code. The question arises whether an internal comparative study between the two separate schemes can shed more light on potential bottlenecks in the current regulation. A comparison reveals significant differences in regard to the importance attributed to certain key elements of mediation, namely the principles of voluntary participation, confidentiality, party self-determination as well as the involvement of an independent and impartial third party who uses mediation methods and techniques. The customary interpretation and understanding of the concept ‘mediation’ apparently doesn’t apply to tax mediation. A brief overview of the Dutch mediation practice in fiscal affairs shows that a more holistic approach, in respect of the aforementioned principles, is nonetheless possible.

Wendy Hensen
Wendy Hensen behaalde in 2008 een masterdiploma rechten aan de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven en vervolgens in 2009 een tweede masterdiploma forensica, criminologie en rechtspleging aan de Universiteit Maastricht. Zij startte haar loopbaan als advocaat aan de balie van Tongeren. Momenteel schrijft ze een doctoraatsthesis over bemiddeling en de gerechtelijke organisatie aan de Universiteit Hasselt. In 2013 heeft zij een erkende bemiddelingsopleiding gevolgd in burgerlijke en handelszaken.

Mediation in het bedrijfsleven vraagt andere aanvliegroute

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 1 2014
Trefwoorden bedrijfsleven, private sector, business mediation, corporate mediation, materiedeskundigheid
Auteurs Lambert Boot

    Mediation is not very popular (yet) in the Dutch private sector. The author used his own network of business relations to investigate the motives not to choose mediation in solving business conflicts. Entrepreneurs and managers recognize mediation as a suitable method to solve personal conflicts like in family and community mediation. In business conflicts however, parties try not to get too personally involved and to keep feelings and emotions away from the negotiations. This investigation made clear that the timing of the conflict management process is a crucial factor in the unpopularity of mediation. The moment to choose a suitable method for dispute resolution is when the entrepreneur or manager failed to solve the dispute together with the other party. At this stage the competences of the mediator are competing with those of the entrepreneur/manager and therefore the choice for mediation is not very likely. This can only be changed by the introduction of dispute consultancy earlier in the process. Also the promotion of the traditional values and benefits of mediation does not seem to match the desires of most of the entrepreneurs and managers. Mediators might invest in pilots with companies to create opportunities for conflict consultancy and the introduction of a dispute analysis as early as possible in the process.

Lambert Boot
Lambert Boot is ervaren bemiddelaar, mediator, onderhandelaar, coach en bestuursadviseur.

Arbeidsmediation in de praktijk

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 4 2013
Trefwoorden Labour conflicts, Labour Mediation, Practice, disciplinary commission
Auteurs Toos Bik en Kees van der Hoek

    In this article the authors describe aspects of mediation in individual labour conflicts. In doing so, they use jurisprudence, judgements of the disciplinary commission for mediators en their own experiences as mediators. They end with the conclusion that mediation in labour conflicts needs specific knowledge, additional to the general training for mediation.

Toos Bik
Toos Bik is mediator sinds 1995 en partner-directeur van het Mediation Trainingsinstituut MTi te Amersfoort.

Kees van der Hoek
Kees van der Hoek is oprichter en partner van het Mediation Trainingsinstituut MTi te Amersfoort, voorheen voorzitter Algemene Vakcentrale en in die hoedanigheid lid van de SER.

Loe Sprengers
Loe Sprengers is advocaat te Utrecht, gespecialiseerd in het (collectief) arbeidsrecht, lid van de advies- en arbitragecommissie (AAC) en andere geschillencommissies, en voormalig hoogleraar arbeidsverhoudingen bij de overheid.

Het IMI ADR-gebruikersonderzoek 2013

Tijdschrift Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, Aflevering 2 2013
Trefwoorden IMI, gebruikersonderzoek, mediator, arbiter
Auteurs Marijke Lengyel-Verresen

    The IMI held a International Corporate Users Survey in January to March of 2013, evaluating the needs, views and preferences of in-house counsel when using the services of arbitrators and mediators. The survey concerned (1) criteria used to select mediators and arbitrators (2), as well as the role of a mediator and external attorneys in mediation. The survey was intended to fill the gaps in two previous surveys performed in the USA and the UK in 2011.

Marijke Lengyel-Verresen
Marijke Lengyel-Verresen is advocaat bij Conway & Partners te Rotterdam.
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