Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement

Meer op het gebied van Mediation en herstelrecht

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Aflevering 2, 2011 Alle samenvattingen uitklappen

Annie de Roo
Annie de Roo is hoofdredacteur van TMD.

Bemiddeling/mediation: tijd voor innovatie en creativiteit

Klantgericht werken!

Trefwoorden creativity, client, marketing, help
Auteurs Veerle Lisabeth

    If we want Mediation to be a success, we need to diversify our techniques by mixing different styles and forms.Mediators, should always try to find solutions for the problems of their clients and not only bring the prophecy to the world of the ideal ‘conflict resolution’. It is important to be flexible and not stick to one style of mediation but to try out new recipes in mixing them together. Have the guts to experiment with coaching, advising ,negotiating, collecting information etc.. Mediators also need to take the ‘marketing rules more serious. Every client is looking for HELP. So please do so and train yourself in finding out their real needs.And finally mediation is a perfect technique to save costs in a company..unsolved conflicts and tensions cost fortunes.Let us ‘market’ our business in an new and creative way.

Veerle Lisabeth
Veerle Lisabeth is erkend bemiddelaar in handels- en familiezaken en zaakvoerder Affinity.

Mediation Law in Germany

A major move or the end of flexibility?

Trefwoorden German Mediation Code, confidentiality, duties of disclosure, limitation periods
Auteurs Renate Dendorfer

    In the contribution ‘Mediation Law in Germany’ Renate Dendorfer discusses the background and contents of the ‘German Code for Promotion of Mediation and other Proceedings of Alternative Dispute Resolution’ in light of the implementation of the EU Mediation Directive. Important issues such as duties of the mediator, confidentiality, and training and education are focused on.

Renate Dendorfer
Prof. dr. Renate Dendorfer LL.M. MBAHeussen Rechtsanwaltgesellschaft mbH, Munich.

Conquering new terrain: the implementation of the Mediation Directive in Hungary and Romania

Mediation on new terrain and its implications

Trefwoorden Mediation Directive, implementation, Hungary, Romania
Auteurs Petra Gyongyi

    Shortly after the target date for transposing the European Mediation Directive into the national law of EU Member States, curiosity over the exact compliance with this obligation seems of a timely fashion. This brief account will present the implementation of the Mediation Directive in two New Member States of the European Union, Hungary and Romania. The approach followed aims to provide specific circumstances for assessing the implementation of the Mediation Directive in legal systems with no well-established mediation practice. For this purpose first the transposition of the Mediation Directive will be presented in two key areas: ensuring the quality of and recourse to mediation. This will be followed by the presentation of the practical experiences learnt from previous experiments and pilot projects. By combining the above-mentioned two angles, attention will be drawn to specific circumstances that are necessary for a well-coordinated implementation of the Mediation Directive, and on which the viability of mediation in these countries depends.

Petra Gyongyi
Petra Gyongyi is a PhD candidate, Erasmus School of Law.

Commerciële conflicten managen – enkele schema’s

Trefwoorden court proceedings, comparison, dispute resolution clause, changes of success
Auteurs Luc Demeyere

    When a lawyer has his/her intake meeting with a client and ponders whether the case is to be taken to court or whether it is appropriate for mediation, different parameters have to be considered.
    Mr. Green finds out that this photovoltaic installation does not produce the output initially guaranteed, and his lawyer will first have a look at the terms and conditions on guarantee and liability in the sales contract. The lawyer should consider time, cost, potential outcome and future relations between the parties, and compare these four parameters in a situation whereby proceedings in court are initiated with a situation whereby a mediation is started up. The assessment of each of these parameters in court proceedings and mediation is entirely different, and understanding these differences will assist in opting for court proceedings or mediation, or a combination of both. Reflexivity will be key.

Luc Demeyere
Luc Demeyere is advocaat bij De Balie te Antwerpen.

    The author evaluates a recent congress or event.

Rob Jagtenberg
Rob Jagtenberg, o.a. verbonden aan de Erasmus Universiteit, was en is betrokken bij diverse Europese projecten inzake geschillenbeslechting.