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Case Reports

2018/11 Medical diagnosis in disability discrimination cases not necessary (DK)

Trefwoorden Disability discrimination
Auteurs Christian K. Klasen

    The Danish Supreme Court has ruled that a medical diagnosis is not required when deciding whether a person suffers from a disability protected under Directive 2000/78.

Christian K. Klasen
Christian K. Clasen is a partner at Norrbom Vinding, Copenhagen.

    The Irish Court of Appeal recently clarified the obligations of employers towards employees with a disability.
    The judgment suggests that an employer is not required to alter the duties of a position held by an employee with a disability in order to accommodate that employee’s return to work if the duties, which the employee is no longer capable of performing, are considered essential to the employee’s position.

Lucy O’Neill
Lucy O’Neill is an attorney at law at Mayson Hayes & Curran.
Case Reports

2018/13 Discrimination based on perceived disability found unlawful (UK)

Trefwoorden Disability discrimination, Other forms of discrimination
Auteurs Sam Minshall

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) has confirmed that, even if an employee is not actually disabled for the purpose of the relevant statutory test, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against that employee because of a perceived disability.

Sam Minshall
Sam Minshall is an associate solicitor at Lewis Silkin LLP.

    The Labour Court of Brussels ordered an employer to pay a protection indemnity to an employee following termination on the basis of reorganisation during her pregnancy because (i) the employee benefited from a specific protection against dismissal and (ii) the employer failed to prove that the dismissal of the employee was based on reasons unrelated to the pregnancy.

Gautier Busschaert
Gautier Busschaert is an attorney-at-law at Van Olmen & Wynant, Brussels.
Case Reports

2018/15 (International) air carriers under Austrian Labour Constitution Law (AT)

Trefwoorden Dismissal
Auteurs Hans Georg Laimer en Lukas Wieser

    The general protection against dismissal under Austrian labour law only applies if at least five employees are employed permanently. The special provisions for air carriers under Austrian law only apply to air carriers that have their principal place of business in Austria. Whether foreign businesses and their employees employed outside Austria should be afforded protection against dismissal remains unresolved.

Hans Georg Laimer
Hans Georg Laimer is a Partner at zeiler. partners Rechtsanwaelte GmbH in Vienna, Austria. He represented the defendant in the court procedure.

Lukas Wieser
Lukas Wieser is an Attorney at Law at Rechtsanwaelte GmbH in Vienna, Austria. He represented the defendant in the court procedure.
Case Reports

2018/16 Fixed-term employment of an actor for more than 18 years justifiable (GE)

Trefwoorden Fixed-term work
Auteurs Paul Schreiner en Jana Voigt

    The German Federal Labour Court has held that it was justifiable for the employment of an actor to be limited in time because of the “type of work” involved and the fact that the work was with a film production company, even though the actor was given a number of fixed term employment contracts over around 18 years.

Paul Schreiner
Paul Schreiner is an attorney-at-law at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

Jana Voigt
Jana Voigt is an attorney-at-law at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

    The Polish national social insurance authority has no power to police ‘social dumping’. Neither is there any legal basis or justification for excluding workers performing work in other EU Member States from the national social insurance system based on an unverifiable assumption that social dumping is taking place.

Marcin Wujczyk PhD.
Marcin Wujczyk, PhD., is a partner with Baran Ksiazek Bigaj Wujczyk in Krakow,
Case Reports

2018/18 Preliminary questions to ECJ about Brexit implications for UK citizens? (NL)

Trefwoorden Free movement, Work and residence permit, Other forms of free movement
Auteurs Jan-Pieter Vos

    Recently, the Court of Amsterdam decided to ask preliminary questions to the ECJ about EU citizens’ rights of British nationals, anticipating Brexit. However, two weeks later, it allowed an appeal against this decision. It is therefore unclear if and when these questions will be asked.

Jan-Pieter Vos
Jan-Pieter Vos is a lecturer of Labour Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    A mobility clause must be sufficiently precise, but this condition can still be fulfilled even if the clause tries to cover both current and possible future locations of the company, provided any future locations are still within France and provided any change of location is justified by the needs of the business.

Claire Toumieux
Claire Toumieux is a partner with Allen & Overy LLP in Paris,

Susan Ekrami
Susan Ekrami is a senior associate with Allen & Overy LLP in Paris,
Case Reports

2018/20 Labour Court sets out employers’ equal treatment obligations following the transfer of a business (FI)

Trefwoorden Transfer of undertaking, General discrimination, Terms of employment
Auteurs Janne Nurminen

    The Finnish Labour Court recently decided a case about the transfer of a business and the associated obligation to harmonise employees’ salaries. The Court held that the employer had not shown good reasons for continuing to pay different salaries to employees with equivalent responsibilities long after the transfer.

Janne Nurminen
Janne Nurminen is a Senior Associate with Roschier in Helsinki,

    The Spanish Supreme Court has again ruled on the highly controversial question of whether limitations to the liability of a transferee established in a collective bargaining agreement (‘CBA’) in the context of a CBA-led transfer are valid, or whether they contravene the Spanish implementation of the Acquired Rights Directive.

Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar is an attorney-at-law at Eversheds Sutherland and an associate professor in Labour Law at IE University.
Landmark ruling

ECJ 17 April 2018, C-414/16 (Egenberger), Religious discrimination

Vera Egenberger – v – Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung eV, German case

Trefwoorden Religious discrimination

    It is ultimately for the courts to verify whether religious organisations can legitimately invoke occupational requirements as a reason for unequal treatment.


ECJ 7 March 2018, case C-494/16 (Santoro), Fixed-Term Work

Giuseppa Santoro – v – Comune di Valderice, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Italian case

Trefwoorden Fixed-term work

    The abuse of successive fixed-term contracts in the public sector can be treated differently to the abuse of successive fixed-term contracts in the private sector, as long as the measures in place fulfil the principles of effectiveness and dissuasion and effectiveness. This must be verified by the national court.


ECJ 7 March 2018, case C-651/16 (DW), Social insurance

DW – v – Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra, Latvian case

Trefwoorden Social insurance


ECJ 14 March 2018, case C-482/16 (Stollwitzer), Age discrimination

Georg Stollwitzer – v – ÖBB Personenverkehr AG, Austrian Case

Trefwoorden Age discrimination

    A salary scale the ECJ had found discriminatory and said should be changed, was not discriminatory after the change.


ECJ 15 March 2018, case C-431/16 (Blanco Marqués), Social insurance

Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS) & Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS) – v – José Blanco Marqués, Spanish case

Trefwoorden Social insurance


ECJ 21 March 2018, case C-551/16 (Klein Schiphorst), Social insurance

J. Klein Schiphorst – v – Raad van bestuur van het Uitvoeringsinstituut werknemersverzekeringen, Dutch case

Trefwoorden Social insurance


ECJ 19 April 2018, case C-645/16 (CMR), Miscellaneous

Conseils et mise en relations (CMR) SARL – v – Demeures terre et tradition SARL, French case

Trefwoorden Miscellaneous


ECJ 30 May 2018, case C-517/16 (Czerwinski), Social insurance

Stefan Czerwinski – v – Zakład Ubezpieczen Społecznych Oddział w Gdansku, Polish case

Trefwoorden Social insurance


ECJ 5 June 2018, C-677/16 (Montero Mateos), Fixed-term work

Lucía Montero Mateos – v – Agencia Madrileña de Atención Social de la Consejería de Políticas Sociales y Familia de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spanish case

Trefwoorden Fixed-term work

    Not granting compensation to fixed-term workers at the end of employment is not discriminatory as the end of the contract is foreseeable from the start, whereas the main objective of compensation for objective reasons, which generally applies to permanent workers, is to recompense them for the fact that termination of the contract is not knowable in advance.


ECJ 5 June 2018, C-574/16 (Grupo Norte), Fixed-term work

Grupo Norte Facility SA – v – Angel Manuel Moreira Gómez, Spanish case

Trefwoorden Fixed-term work

    Differences in compensation at the end of employment between fixed-term and permanent workers is found non-discriminatory, as the different types of compensation meet different objectives.


ECtHR 24 April 2018, application no. 56237/08 (Sadrettin Güler), Freedom of assembly and association

Sadrettin Güler – v – Turkey, Turkish case

Trefwoorden Freedom of assembly and association

    Giving an employee an official warning after he participated in a large pre-announced Labour Day demonstration is found to be in breach of the right to freedom of association.

Pending cases

Case C-315/17, Fixed-term work

Pilar Centeno Meléndez – v – Universidad de Zaragoza, reference lodged by the Juzgado de lo Contencioso-Administrativo de Zaragoza (Spain) on 29 May 2017

Pending cases

Case C-432/16, Gender discrimination

Carolina Minayo Luque – v – Quitxalla Stars, S.L., and Fondo de Garantía Salarial, reference lodged by the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña (Spain) lodged on 2 August 2016

Pending cases

Case C-392/17, Pension, health and safety

Sindicatul Energia Oradea – v – SC Termoelectrica SA, reference lodged by the Curtea de Apel Oradea (Romania) on 29 June 2017

Pending cases

Case C-252/17, Gender discrimination

Moisés Vadillo González – v – Alestis Aerospace, S.L., reference lodged by the Juzgado de lo Social No 2, Cádiz (Spain) on 12 May 2017

Pending cases

Case C-57/18, Collective redundancies

AX – v – BV, reference lodged by the Bundesarbeitsgericht (Germany) on 30 January 2018

Pending cases

Case C-7/18, Pension

Modesto Jardón Lama – v – Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social, Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social, reference lodged by the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Galicia (Spain) on 3 January 2018

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